Double Raid II points - Soon

Double points in the Theatre of Blood, stacks with donator bonus

Friday 2 June 9 AM - Monday 5 June 9 AM (UTC)

Starts in:

    Free access to all slayer bosses - Soon

    Free access to Cerberus, Kraken, Sire and Hydra bosses without slayer task

    Friday 9 June 9 AM - Monday 12 June 9 AM (UTC)

    Starts in:


      Upcoming events

        • Double Raid II points
        • 2 Jun 2023 - 5 Jun 2023
        • Free access to all slayer bosses
        • 9 Jun 2023 - 12 Jun 2023
        • Double Raid I points
        • 16 Jun 2023 - 19 Jun 2023
        • 10X coin drops from NPCs
        • 23 Jun 2023 - 26 Jun 2023
        • +20% NPC droprates
        • 30 Jun 2023 - 3 Jul 2023

      News & Updates

      Christmas event

      22 December 2022

      We are glad to announce the release of our Christmas event. This event will last until 16 January and can be started by talking to Santa in Edgeville.

      Christmas event 2022

      Additionally, during the Christmas event, there is a small chance to receive a snowman ring from hourly reward boxes. Like last year, Christmas crackers will spawn in random places in the Wilderness. There is also a third wildy pursuit boss that will sometimes appear, the Anti-Santa. It drops the same items as the other pursuit monsters, but drops holiday points and Christmas crackers as well.

      With holiday points you can buy missing holiday items in Diango's holiday store. Lost holiday rewards can be reclaimed for free.

      Crackers can be pulled by using them on another player who has a free inventory slot and is not an Ironman. An Ironman will be able to use them on a regular player and Group Ironman of the same group will be able to use them on each other. Both players, the one who pulls the cracker and the one on which the cracker is used, will receive one item (or a stack of items) from it. Items that can be received are mainly supplies, but there is also a 1 in 500 chance that the Christmas cracker contains a snowman ring or a holiday point and a 1 in 1000 chance that it contains a super mystery box or a cosmetic mystery box. Every 1000 crackers will guaranteed yield a mystery box. It's important to note that the owner of the cracker is not guaranteed to be the one to obtain the uncommon or rare item. An Ironman can not receive a super mystery box.

      Halloween event, special attack orb (added by Milan)

      31 October 2022

      We have released a small Halloween event. This event will last until 21 November. You can start the event by entering Death's domain through the coffin found near the Slayer masters in Edgeville. Like every Halloween, from time to time Death will be roaming through the Wilderness as a Wilderness pursuit boss. He has holiday points as a rare drop with which you can buy missing holiday items in Diango's holiday store. Lost holiday rewards can be reclaimed for free.

      Halloween event 2021

      Aside from the Halloween event, the special attack orb has been added next to the minimap. The orb is not yet clickable, but from now on you can always see how much special energy you have left by looking at the orb. This orb was added by Milan, our new developer.

      Other changes included in this update:

      • Some items were removed from the collection log because they are not (yet) obtainable in game.
      • Noted drops from Revenants will now also be added to the collection log, just like regular drops.
      • Players can no longer join a clan chat while inside a raid to prevent certain abusable mechanics inside raids.

      Collection log, anti-bot random event

      3 September 2022

      The collection log has been added. It's a book that players can buy for 1 coin from the general store in Edgeville. It records nearly every unique drop the player has obtained from various content. The player does not need to have claimed a collection log for it to start tracking drops.

      Drops obtained prior to this release are not recorded for any player, excluding the items obtained after completing achievements and the large spade, clueless scroll, heavy casket and scroll sack after completing respectively 500 easy, 400 medium, 200 elite and 100 master clue scrolls.

      Each entry in the log is tracked by where it was obtained. The cap on the amount each item can be tracked is 1B.

      Currently there are a total of 1,464 slots to fill in the collection log. Please let us know if you think some items are missing in the collection log or should be removed or if you encounter any bugs.

      Collection log

      Due to the excessive botting lately, we were forced to add the cat lady random event to the following locations/activities:

      • Pest Control
      • Bandit Camp
      • The Wilderness, including the Wilderness Agility Course
      • Crossing the balancing ledge in the Yanille Agility Dungeon
      • Jumping over the bridge inside Gu'Tanoth
      • Cutting normal and redwood trees
      • Fletching arrows, javelins, darts and bolts
      • Glasblowing
      • Crafting plain rings, necklaces and amulets
      • Stringing amulets
      • Creating unstrung crossbows
      • Crafting amethyst bolt tips, arrowtips and javelin heads
      • Crafting leather
      • Crafting hardleather body, studded body and studded chaps
      • Crafting battlestaves and bracelets
      • Spinning
      • Cleaning herbs
      • Picking berries
      • Creating stamina potions
      • Attacking NPCs with a dwarf multicannon
      • Converting bones into peaches or bananas
      • Charging orbs
      • Casting telegrab
      • Burrying bones and offering them on altars

      You can no longer use items on other items in the cat lady mansion. The chance to receive a random event while crafting runes has also been increased.

      From now on, the first three times you encounter a random event, the cat will be indicated with an arrow. That way it's easier to get to know the cat lady random event for new players.

      Other changes included in this update:

      • A bug has been fixed that gave you the clueless scroll, heavy casket and scroll sack after completing an amount of easy clues instead of the appropriate clue level and amount.
      • You will now only receive XP for actually crossing the balancing ledge in the Yanille Agility Dungeon.
      • The text indicating your current daily task now contains the full description of the task instead of just the quantity and the item or NPC.

      Ironman revert bug fixed, amulet of eternal glory added

      27 June 2022

      Ironman can now revert their status to regular, this was bugged on the release of extreme ironman modes. We have also added the amulet of eternal glory, which has a 1 in 25,000 chance to spawn when charging an amulet of glory at the fountain of rune.

      Easter event, holiday items, donator scroll transfers

      17 April 2022

      Some of the Easter Bunny's eggs have been stolen. Can you find the thief and return the eggs?

      Easter event

      In other news:

      • Holiday items from previous holiday events that you completed can now be reclaimed for free at Diango in Draynor village if you lose them. If you have not completed a particular holiday event from the past, you can buy the event rewards in return for holiday points, which you can buy in the donator store. Holiday points have also been added as a rare drop to the colossal chocco chicken (the holiday-related wilderness pursuit boss).
      • You can now transfer donator scrolls to another player by using the scroll on the player. This includes ironman accounts, allowing you to buy a donator scroll on a regular account that you can give to your ironman account. Please note that donator ranks obtained this way cannot be transferred further to other accounts, similar to scrolls bought from other players or obtained from flower poker or mystery boxes, even if you give the scroll to an account that belongs to yourself.


      27 March 2022

      • People can pick up dropped items again from other players as soon as the items become visible for them.
      • The max cape now also inherits the same perks as the fishing cape, mining cape and woodcutting cape. By default, all max cape perks will now be enabled. Each perk can be manually disabled by using "operate" while having the cape equipped. Before the update, some perks were disabled by default.
      • The following changes have been made to the Pest Control shop:
        • The required level to purchase XP is now 25 instead of 40.
        • Herb, seed and mineral packs now require level 25 herblore, farming and mining, respectively to purchase.
        • Ironman can now buy everything from the pest control store (including XP, packs and void knight mace).
        • Extreme mode players are now shown the actual XP they will receive in each skill on the rewards interface.

      Extreme ironman modes, OSRS GP contest

      12 March 2022

      Considering how popular our ironman modes and extreme mode are, we have added a combination of both: you can now play as an extreme ironman, extreme hardcore ironman, extreme ultimate ironman or extreme group ironman, along with their appropriate hiscores! Just like the non-ironman extreme mode, the XP rate in most skills is the same as in OSRS, while receiving +30% NPC drops. In a GIM group, each individual group member can choose to play with a normal or extreme XP rate.

      Game mode selection XP rate selection

      To celebrate these new game modes, we are also organising an OSRS GP contest, similar to the one held last December. From 14 to 27 March, you can win up to 120M OSRS GP, 1200 donator points or 36 USD on PayPal every single day just by completing a number of tasks. We made sure that extreme mode players can always participate in them, even if they have only just started out. Based on the feedback we received from the previous contest, we also added a mechanic that lowers someone's chance to win if they already won a contest in the past 2 weeks. This chance lowers even further if they win a second or third time, and winning a hard contest will lower your chance more than winning an easy contest.

      OSRS GP contest

      We also took this update as an opportunity to review all of our XP rates currently in the game. We have made some minor adjustments left and right to fix inconsistencies with OSRS XP rates or between different skills (and skilling methods) in Anarchy, but the overall XP rates are still similar to before. Most importantly, we tried our best not to lower the XP rates of the most efficient training methods currently in the game, even if that means they are 10, 20 or even 30 times as fast as in OSRS.

      The following changes have been made in regards to skill XP:

      • Infernal axe and pickaxe now give full firemaking and smithing XP when used, instead of half.
      • The cannon now grants ranged XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 0.8.
      • Longranged ranged attacks now give defence XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 4.
      • When casting magic attacks, regular players now receive the base magic XP multiplied by the magic XP modifier.
      • Magic attacks now give magic XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 4.
      • Casting low/high alchemy now gives the correct magic XP for regular players (about 2.6x as much).
      • Cutting teak logs now grants 85 woodcutting XP instead of 68.
      • Extreme mode players now receive 2,000 smithing XP when creating a dragonfire shield instead of 500.
      • Mining amethyst now grants 240 mining XP instead of 140.
      • Seer's village and Ardougne rooftop agility courses now grant slightly more XP for regular players.
      • Fletching amethyst bolt tips, arrowtips or javelin heads now grants 8 times as much fletching XP for regular players.
      • Fletching arrows, bolts and javelins now gives the correct amount of fletching XP, taking into account how many were made in one batch (in most cases, this results in 10 or 15 times more fletching XP).
      • Enchanting jewelry now grants 32 times as much magic XP for regular players.
      • Charging elemental orbs now grants 8 times as much magic XP for regular players.
      • Catching implings now grants 33% additional hunter XP for regular players.
      • Raurg bones now give 96 prayer XP instead of 150, but their droprates have been doubled to compensate.
      • Cutting arctic pine logs now grants 40 XP instead of 100.
      • Spinning sinew now grants 3 crafting XP instead of 30.
      • The entrance of the wilderness agility course now only grants 15 agility XP instead of 40 when crossed.
      • Farming poison ivy berries now gives 4.5 times less XP for regular players.
      • Casting vengeance now grants 3.7 times as much magic XP for regular players.
      • Crafting a toxic blowpipe from a tanzanite fang now grants 120 crafting XP instead of 10,000 for extreme mode players, and 3,600 instead of 10,000 crafting XP for regular players.
      • Karambwanji fishing now grants 5 fishing XP instead of 20.
      • Karambwan fishing now grants 50 fishing XP instead of 105.
      • Burying lava dragon bones on lava dragon isle now results in 4 times less prayer XP for extreme mode players. To compensate, lava dragons now additionally have a 1 in 4 chance to drop 2 - 6 lava dragon bones.
      • Casting bolt enchant now grants 10 times less magic XP for extreme mode players.
      • Crafting tablets now grants 25 runecrafting XP instead of 15 for bones to bananas tablets and 36 runecrafting XP instead of 60 for bones to peaches tablets.

      Currently, a lot of time is being spent on transferring donator ranks back and forth between accounts. Time that could be better used for development. As a result, we have added a limitation to how often a donator rank can be transferred. As of now, when a donator rank has been manually transferred by us from someone's account A to account B, there can be no more donator rank transfers from account B to other accounts for the next 60 days. After 60 days, donator ranks can be transferred again from account B. This limitation only applies to donator transfers, so donating on an account or using scrolls has no effect on being able to transfer your rank. This limitation will be re-evaluated in the future and may be changed or removed if it turns out to miss its intended goal.

      Other changes included in this update:

      • You can now use defensive autocast to train your defence XP along with your magic XP.
      • A bug was fixed to make sure that two identical items on the same tile, but belonging to different players, can only be picked up by their rightful owner.
      • Magic secateurs now grant +10% farming XP when harvesting herbs.
      • Rogue outfit pieces now increase your thieving XP gain when pickpocketing NPC's.
      • Blurite bolts now require a smithing level of 24 instead of 8.
      • You will now craft an onyx amulet instead of an amulet of fury.
      • Goldsmith gauntlets are now taken into account when using superheat on gold ore.
      • Your head will no longer disappear when wearing a facemask.
      • When uncharging a blood blowpipe, you will now receive the appropriate item back.

      Torva blessing, blood zaryte crossbow

      14 February 2022

      Torva may be the strongest melee armour in OldSchool RuneScape, but in Anarchy (aside from the helm), it was outclassed by Vesta's equipment. To compensate this, we have added the Torva blessing, an item that grants +4 stab attack, +5 slash attack, +6 crush attack and +1 strength bonus for each Torva piece you wear (it also has a +3 prayer bonus, regardless of worn Torva equipment).

      Torva blessing

      When wearing a full Torva outfit, this means you get +12 stab attack, +15 slash attack, 18 crush attack and +3 strength attack (or +21 strength bonus in total with the base strength bonuses from the equipment), making Torva the strongest armour in the game in terms of attack and strength bonuses. You can obtain the Torva blessing by purchasing it in the donator store for 500 donator points, as a possible reward from opening ultimate mystery boxes or by buying it from another player.

      We have also added the blood zaryte crossbow, a combination of the zaryte crossbow and blood limbs (can be dismantled to get both items back). As with all other blood items, it has a 25% chance to heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.

      Blood zaryte crossbow

      Other bugfixes:

      • The Zaryte crossbow special attack will now always trigger enchanted bolt special effects.
      • The twisted buckler now offers +10 ranged strength.
      • Ashuelot Reis now has working right-click options.
      • The distance between you and Nex will now have less effect on the damage she deals to you.
      • The Skotizo bossroom has been fixed.

      Nex, weekly events

      3 February 2022

      Nex has been unleashed!


      The addition of Nex required us to update our cache, which may potentially cause weird bugs (missing NPC's, wrong objects, dead tiles, ...). If you see any such bugs, please let us know in the bug report channel on Discord.

      To reach Nex, you first need to unlock the frozen door in the godwars dungeon. This is done with the frozen key, which consists of 4 components. Each GWD boss drops a component (guaranteed drop on kill if you dealt most damage, its minions have a 1/20 chance to drop it). Once you have unlocked the frozen door, you have permanent access to the ancient prison.

      To get to Nex herself, you need to kill blood reavers or spiritual warriors, rangers or mages to acquire essence. 40 essence is needed to enter Nex's chamber (32 for sapphire donators, 24 for emerald donators, 16 for ruby donators and 8 for diamond+ donators). You can then proceed through the door at the East side of the ancient prison.

      Starting a fight, HP scaling and droprates work exactly the same as the Nightmare.
      To start the fight, click the ancient barrier and a 30 seconds countdown will start. Other players then have 30 seconds to join the lobby by also clicking the ancient barrier. The hitpoints of Nex, Umbra, Fumus, Cruor and Glacies scale with team size. Your chance to get a drop scales with how much damage you did.

      Nex has the same fight mechanics as in OSRS. It has five phases: a smoke, shadow, blood, ice and Zaros phase. She uses a unique set of attacks in each phase. Each time Nex is dealt 20% damage, it becomes immune to damage and you need to kill the appropriate mage in the corner to proceed to the next phase. For more information about its fight mechanics, see the OSRS wiki. If you die at Nex, you can reclaim your items from one of two chests for 50K coins (one chest is past the frozen door and another in front of the ancient barrier).

      Nex drops the following items:

      • Zaryte vambraces
      • Nihil horn to upgrade an Armadyl crossbow to a Zaryte crossbow, which has increased chance to trigger bolt effects and a guaranteed chance to trigger bolt effects when using the special attack.
      • Damaged Torva helm, Platebody and Platelegs, which you can repair at any anvil using bandosian components (you can break down bandos chestplate and tassets at the ancient forge for 3 and 2 bandosian components, respectively).
      • Ancient hilt, which can be combined with a godsword blade to create the Ancient godsword. Unlike OSRS, the ancient godsword's special attack does not trigger an effect where your target must move away, but instead has a 37.5% damage increase (just like the Armadyl godsword) and heals you for 25 hitpoints.
      • Ecumenical key shards, combine 50 of these to create an Ecumenical key.
      • Nihil shard, which can be ground into Nihil dust to create Ancient brews in combination with unfinished dwarf weed potions.
      • Nexling pet

      In other news, we have planned in several additional weekend events: bonus Raid I points, Raid II points, +30% GWD droprates with free room access, +20% XP and +20% NPC drops. There is now an event every single weekend, with many more of the events that our community wanted to see.

      Other changes and bugfixes:

      • Vesta, Statius, Morrigan and Zuriel equipment now degrades when used in combat outside the wilderness. Each piece of armour can take 10,000 hits and each weapon can hit 10,000 times, after which it will crumble to dust.
      • The onyx, diamond, emerald, sapphire, topaz, opal, pearl and jade bolt (e) special effects have been fixed, as their damage would often be reduced when a special effect occurred.
      • Fixed a bug where random events could be triggered right after killing a superior slayer monster, making you miss out on the slayer XP.
      • The armadyl crossbow and blood crossbow special attack now requires 50% special attack energy instead of 40%.
      • You can now right-click the altars in each of the GWD boss rooms to teleport outside the room.
      • Bonecrusher necklace stats have been updated to match the current stats in OSRS.
      • You can now put up a Grand Exchange buy offer for Blood money.
      • Goldsmith gauntlets now grant +150% smithing xp, this now also applies when mining with the infernal pickaxe.
      • Extreme mode players now receive the correct amount of smithing XP when using the infernal pickaxe.
      • Having an infernal pickaxe in your inventory will no longer give a chance for automatically smelting the ore when your mining level is lower than 61. You now also need a level of 85 smithing in order to create, use or wear an infernal pickaxe.
      • You now need a level of 75 fising and 85 cooking in order to create, use or wear an infernal harpoon and a level of 60 attack to wear it.
      • You now need a level of 61 woodcutting and 85 firemaking in order to create, use or wear an infernal axe.

      For older updates, visit our news archive.