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+20% NPC droprates, stacks with vote and donator bonuses

Friday 7 October 9 AM - Monday 10 October 9 AM (UTC)

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    Upcoming events

      • +20% NPC droprates
      • 7 Oct 2022 - 10 Oct 2022
      • Double Raid II points
      • 14 Oct 2022 - 17 Oct 2022
      • +20% XP weekend
      • 21 Oct 2022 - 24 Oct 2022
      • Double Barrows Chest drops
      • 28 Oct 2022 - 31 Oct 2022
      • Double Raid I points
      • 4 Nov 2022 - 7 Nov 2022

    News & Updates

    Collection log, anti-bot random event

    3 September 2022

    The collection log has been added. It's a book that players can buy for 1 coin from the general store in Edgeville. It records nearly every unique drop the player has obtained from various content. The player does not need to have claimed a collection log for it to start tracking drops.

    Drops obtained prior to this release are not recorded for any player, excluding the items obtained after completing achievements and the large spade, clueless scroll, heavy casket and scroll sack after completing respectively 500 easy, 400 medium, 200 elite and 100 master clue scrolls.

    Each entry in the log is tracked by where it was obtained. The cap on the amount each item can be tracked is 1B.

    Currently there are a total of 1,464 slots to fill in the collection log. Please let us know if you think some items are missing in the collection log or should be removed or if you encounter any bugs.

    Collection log

    Due to the excessive botting lately, we were forced to add the cat lady random event to the following locations/activities:

    • Pest Control
    • Bandit Camp
    • The Wilderness, including the Wilderness Agility Course
    • Crossing the balancing ledge in the Yanille Agility Dungeon
    • Jumping over the bridge inside Gu'Tanoth
    • Cutting normal and redwood trees
    • Fletching arrows, javelins, darts and bolts
    • Glasblowing
    • Crafting plain rings, necklaces and amulets
    • Stringing amulets
    • Creating unstrung crossbows
    • Crafting amethyst bolt tips, arrowtips and javelin heads
    • Crafting leather
    • Crafting hardleather body, studded body and studded chaps
    • Crafting battlestaves and bracelets
    • Spinning
    • Cleaning herbs
    • Picking berries
    • Creating stamina potions
    • Attacking NPCs with a dwarf multicannon
    • Converting bones into peaches or bananas
    • Charging orbs
    • Casting telegrab
    • Burrying bones and offering them on altars

    You can no longer use items on other items in the cat lady mansion. The chance to receive a random event while crafting runes has also been increased.

    From now on, the first three times you encounter a random event, the cat will be indicated with an arrow. That way it's easier to get to know the cat lady random event for new players.

    Other changes included in this update:

    • A bug has been fixed that gave you the clueless scroll, heavy casket and scroll sack after completing an amount of easy clues instead of the appropriate clue level and amount.
    • You will now only receive XP for actually crossing the balancing ledge in the Yanille Agility Dungeon.
    • The text indicating your current daily task now contains the full description of the task instead of just the quantity and the item or NPC.

    Ironman revert bug fixed, amulet of eternal glory added

    27 June 2022

    Ironman can now revert their status to regular, this was bugged on the release of extreme ironman modes. We have also added the amulet of eternal glory, which has a 1 in 25,000 chance to spawn when charging an amulet of glory at the fountain of rune.

    Easter event, holiday items, donator scroll transfers

    17 April 2022

    Some of the Easter Bunny's eggs have been stolen. Can you find the thief and return the eggs?

    Easter event

    In other news:

    • Holiday items from previous holiday events that you completed can now be reclaimed for free at Diango in Draynor village if you lose them. If you have not completed a particular holiday event from the past, you can buy the event rewards in return for holiday points, which you can buy in the donator store. Holiday points have also been added as a rare drop to the colossal chocco chicken (the holiday-related wilderness pursuit boss).
    • You can now transfer donator scrolls to another player by using the scroll on the player. This includes ironman accounts, allowing you to buy a donator scroll on a regular account that you can give to your ironman account. Please note that donator ranks obtained this way cannot be transferred further to other accounts, similar to scrolls bought from other players or obtained from flower poker or mystery boxes, even if you give the scroll to an account that belongs to yourself.


    27 March 2022

    • People can pick up dropped items again from other players as soon as the items become visible for them.
    • The max cape now also inherits the same perks as the fishing cape, mining cape and woodcutting cape. By default, all max cape perks will now be enabled. Each perk can be manually disabled by using "operate" while having the cape equipped. Before the update, some perks were disabled by default.
    • The following changes have been made to the Pest Control shop:
      • The required level to purchase XP is now 25 instead of 40.
      • Herb, seed and mineral packs now require level 25 herblore, farming and mining, respectively to purchase.
      • Ironman can now buy everything from the pest control store (including XP, packs and void knight mace).
      • Extreme mode players are now shown the actual XP they will receive in each skill on the rewards interface.

    Extreme ironman modes, OSRS GP contest

    12 March 2022

    Considering how popular our ironman modes and extreme mode are, we have added a combination of both: you can now play as an extreme ironman, extreme hardcore ironman, extreme ultimate ironman or extreme group ironman, along with their appropriate hiscores! Just like the non-ironman extreme mode, the XP rate in most skills is the same as in OSRS, while receiving +30% NPC drops. In a GIM group, each individual group member can choose to play with a normal or extreme XP rate.

    Game mode selection XP rate selection

    To celebrate these new game modes, we are also organising an OSRS GP contest, similar to the one held last December. From 14 to 27 March, you can win up to 120M OSRS GP, 1200 donator points or 36 USD on PayPal every single day just by completing a number of tasks. We made sure that extreme mode players can always participate in them, even if they have only just started out. Based on the feedback we received from the previous contest, we also added a mechanic that lowers someone's chance to win if they already won a contest in the past 2 weeks. This chance lowers even further if they win a second or third time, and winning a hard contest will lower your chance more than winning an easy contest.

    OSRS GP contest

    We also took this update as an opportunity to review all of our XP rates currently in the game. We have made some minor adjustments left and right to fix inconsistencies with OSRS XP rates or between different skills (and skilling methods) in Anarchy, but the overall XP rates are still similar to before. Most importantly, we tried our best not to lower the XP rates of the most efficient training methods currently in the game, even if that means they are 10, 20 or even 30 times as fast as in OSRS.

    The following changes have been made in regards to skill XP:

    • Infernal axe and pickaxe now give full firemaking and smithing XP when used, instead of half.
    • The cannon now grants ranged XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 0.8.
    • Longranged ranged attacks now give defence XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 4.
    • When casting magic attacks, regular players now receive the base magic XP multiplied by the magic XP modifier.
    • Magic attacks now give magic XP equal to damage * 2 instead of damage * 4.
    • Casting low/high alchemy now gives the correct magic XP for regular players (about 2.6x as much).
    • Cutting teak logs now grants 85 woodcutting XP instead of 68.
    • Extreme mode players now receive 2,000 smithing XP when creating a dragonfire shield instead of 500.
    • Mining amethyst now grants 240 mining XP instead of 140.
    • Seer's village and Ardougne rooftop agility courses now grant slightly more XP for regular players.
    • Fletching amethyst bolt tips, arrowtips or javelin heads now grants 8 times as much fletching XP for regular players.
    • Fletching arrows, bolts and javelins now gives the correct amount of fletching XP, taking into account how many were made in one batch (in most cases, this results in 10 or 15 times more fletching XP).
    • Enchanting jewelry now grants 32 times as much magic XP for regular players.
    • Charging elemental orbs now grants 8 times as much magic XP for regular players.
    • Catching implings now grants 33% additional hunter XP for regular players.
    • Raurg bones now give 96 prayer XP instead of 150, but their droprates have been doubled to compensate.
    • Cutting arctic pine logs now grants 40 XP instead of 100.
    • Spinning sinew now grants 3 crafting XP instead of 30.
    • The entrance of the wilderness agility course now only grants 15 agility XP instead of 40 when crossed.
    • Farming poison ivy berries now gives 4.5 times less XP for regular players.
    • Casting vengeance now grants 3.7 times as much magic XP for regular players.
    • Crafting a toxic blowpipe from a tanzanite fang now grants 120 crafting XP instead of 10,000 for extreme mode players, and 3,600 instead of 10,000 crafting XP for regular players.
    • Karambwanji fishing now grants 5 fishing XP instead of 20.
    • Karambwan fishing now grants 50 fishing XP instead of 105.
    • Burying lava dragon bones on lava dragon isle now results in 4 times less prayer XP for extreme mode players. To compensate, lava dragons now additionally have a 1 in 4 chance to drop 2 - 6 lava dragon bones.
    • Casting bolt enchant now grants 10 times less magic XP for extreme mode players.
    • Crafting tablets now grants 25 runecrafting XP instead of 15 for bones to bananas tablets and 36 runecrafting XP instead of 60 for bones to peaches tablets.

    Currently, a lot of time is being spent on transferring donator ranks back and forth between accounts. Time that could be better used for development. As a result, we have added a limitation to how often a donator rank can be transferred. As of now, when a donator rank has been manually transferred by us from someone's account A to account B, there can be no more donator rank transfers from account B to other accounts for the next 60 days. After 60 days, donator ranks can be transferred again from account B. This limitation only applies to donator transfers, so donating on an account or using scrolls has no effect on being able to transfer your rank. This limitation will be re-evaluated in the future and may be changed or removed if it turns out to miss its intended goal.

    Other changes included in this update:

    • You can now use defensive autocast to train your defence XP along with your magic XP.
    • A bug was fixed to make sure that two identical items on the same tile, but belonging to different players, can only be picked up by their rightful owner.
    • Magic secateurs now grant +10% farming XP when harvesting herbs.
    • Rogue outfit pieces now increase your thieving XP gain when pickpocketing NPC's.
    • Blurite bolts now require a smithing level of 24 instead of 8.
    • You will now craft an onyx amulet instead of an amulet of fury.
    • Goldsmith gauntlets are now taken into account when using superheat on gold ore.
    • Your head will no longer disappear when wearing a facemask.
    • When uncharging a blood blowpipe, you will now receive the appropriate item back.

    Torva blessing, blood zaryte crossbow

    14 February 2022

    Torva may be the strongest melee armour in OldSchool RuneScape, but in Anarchy (aside from the helm), it was outclassed by Vesta's equipment. To compensate this, we have added the Torva blessing, an item that grants +4 stab attack, +5 slash attack, +6 crush attack and +1 strength bonus for each Torva piece you wear (it also has a +3 prayer bonus, regardless of worn Torva equipment).

    Torva blessing

    When wearing a full Torva outfit, this means you get +12 stab attack, +15 slash attack, 18 crush attack and +3 strength attack (or +21 strength bonus in total with the base strength bonuses from the equipment), making Torva the strongest armour in the game in terms of attack and strength bonuses. You can obtain the Torva blessing by purchasing it in the donator store for 500 donator points, as a possible reward from opening ultimate mystery boxes or by buying it from another player.

    We have also added the blood zaryte crossbow, a combination of the zaryte crossbow and blood limbs (can be dismantled to get both items back). As with all other blood items, it has a 25% chance to heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.

    Blood zaryte crossbow

    Other bugfixes:

    • The Zaryte crossbow special attack will now always trigger enchanted bolt special effects.
    • The twisted buckler now offers +10 ranged strength.
    • Ashuelot Reis now has working right-click options.
    • The distance between you and Nex will now have less effect on the damage she deals to you.
    • The Skotizo bossroom has been fixed.

    Nex, weekly events

    3 February 2022

    Nex has been unleashed!


    The addition of Nex required us to update our cache, which may potentially cause weird bugs (missing NPC's, wrong objects, dead tiles, ...). If you see any such bugs, please let us know in the bug report channel on Discord.

    To reach Nex, you first need to unlock the frozen door in the godwars dungeon. This is done with the frozen key, which consists of 4 components. Each GWD boss drops a component (guaranteed drop on kill if you dealt most damage, its minions have a 1/20 chance to drop it). Once you have unlocked the frozen door, you have permanent access to the ancient prison.

    To get to Nex herself, you need to kill blood reavers or spiritual warriors, rangers or mages to acquire essence. 40 essence is needed to enter Nex's chamber (32 for sapphire donators, 24 for emerald donators, 16 for ruby donators and 8 for diamond+ donators). You can then proceed through the door at the East side of the ancient prison.

    Starting a fight, HP scaling and droprates work exactly the same as the Nightmare.
    To start the fight, click the ancient barrier and a 30 seconds countdown will start. Other players then have 30 seconds to join the lobby by also clicking the ancient barrier. The hitpoints of Nex, Umbra, Fumus, Cruor and Glacies scale with team size. Your chance to get a drop scales with how much damage you did.

    Nex has the same fight mechanics as in OSRS. It has five phases: a smoke, shadow, blood, ice and Zaros phase. She uses a unique set of attacks in each phase. Each time Nex is dealt 20% damage, it becomes immune to damage and you need to kill the appropriate mage in the corner to proceed to the next phase. For more information about its fight mechanics, see the OSRS wiki. If you die at Nex, you can reclaim your items from one of two chests for 50K coins (one chest is past the frozen door and another in front of the ancient barrier).

    Nex drops the following items:

    • Zaryte vambraces
    • Nihil horn to upgrade an Armadyl crossbow to a Zaryte crossbow, which has increased chance to trigger bolt effects and a guaranteed chance to trigger bolt effects when using the special attack.
    • Damaged Torva helm, Platebody and Platelegs, which you can repair at any anvil using bandosian components (you can break down bandos chestplate and tassets at the ancient forge for 3 and 2 bandosian components, respectively).
    • Ancient hilt, which can be combined with a godsword blade to create the Ancient godsword. Unlike OSRS, the ancient godsword's special attack does not trigger an effect where your target must move away, but instead has a 37.5% damage increase (just like the Armadyl godsword) and heals you for 25 hitpoints.
    • Ecumenical key shards, combine 50 of these to create an Ecumenical key.
    • Nihil shard, which can be ground into Nihil dust to create Ancient brews in combination with unfinished dwarf weed potions.
    • Nexling pet

    In other news, we have planned in several additional weekend events: bonus Raid I points, Raid II points, +30% GWD droprates with free room access, +20% XP and +20% NPC drops. There is now an event every single weekend, with many more of the events that our community wanted to see.

    Other changes and bugfixes:

    • Vesta, Statius, Morrigan and Zuriel equipment now degrades when used in combat outside the wilderness. Each piece of armour can take 10,000 hits and each weapon can hit 10,000 times, after which it will crumble to dust.
    • The onyx, diamond, emerald, sapphire, topaz, opal, pearl and jade bolt (e) special effects have been fixed, as their damage would often be reduced when a special effect occurred.
    • Fixed a bug where random events could be triggered right after killing a superior slayer monster, making you miss out on the slayer XP.
    • The armadyl crossbow and blood crossbow special attack now requires 50% special attack energy instead of 40%.
    • You can now right-click the altars in each of the GWD boss rooms to teleport outside the room.
    • Bonecrusher necklace stats have been updated to match the current stats in OSRS.
    • You can now put up a Grand Exchange buy offer for Blood money.
    • Goldsmith gauntlets now grant +150% smithing xp, this now also applies when mining with the infernal pickaxe.
    • Extreme mode players now receive the correct amount of smithing XP when using the infernal pickaxe.
    • Having an infernal pickaxe in your inventory will no longer give a chance for automatically smelting the ore when your mining level is lower than 61. You now also need a level of 85 smithing in order to create, use or wear an infernal pickaxe.
    • You now need a level of 75 fising and 85 cooking in order to create, use or wear an infernal harpoon and a level of 60 attack to wear it.
    • You now need a level of 61 woodcutting and 85 firemaking in order to create, use or wear an infernal axe.

    Christmas event

    23 December 2021

    We are glad to announce the release of our Christmas event. This event will last until 17 January and can be started by talking to Santa in Edgeville.

    Christmas event 2021

    Additionally, during the Christmas event, Christmas crackers will spawn in random places in the Wilderness. There is also a third wildy pursuit boss that will sometimes appear, the Anti-Santa. It drops the same items as the other pursuit monsters, but drops Christmas crackers as well. Crackers can be pulled by using them on another player who has a free inventory slot and is not an Ironman. An Ironman will be able to use them on a regular player and Group Ironman of the same group will be able to use them on each other. Both players, the one who pulls the cracker and the one on which the cracker is used, will receive one item (or a stack of items) from it. Items that can be received are mainly supplies, but there is also a 1 in 1000 chance that the Christmas cracker contains a super mystery box or a cosmetic mystery box. Every 1000 crackers will guaranteed yield a mystery box. It's important to note that the owner of the cracker is not guaranteed to be the one to obtain the super mystery box or cosmetic mystery box. An Ironman can only receive cosmetic mystery boxes.

    Christmas crackers

    To celebrate the holidays, we also have a 30% donator store discount. This discount will last until 6 January.

    Lastly, there is a small bugfix in this update. The Recipe for Disaster bosses will no longer be spawned multiple times after leaving and returning to the minigame. If you leave the minigame after logging out, you will now teleport in front of the building in Edgeville where the portal to the minigame is located.

    Win OSRS GP with daily contests from 1 to 14 December

    24 November 2021

    From 1 to 14 December 2021, we organise two contest every day where you can win OSRS GP or donator points + rank or USD on your PayPal-account, whichever you prefer. Please note that these dates might change under certain conditions.

    To know what the contests are each day, talk to the Contest Manager in Edgeville. He has the following right-click options:

    • Current contest: see what today's contest is, what your progress is toward completion of the easy/hard task, along with information about the prizes and the rules.
    • Past contests: see an overview of the players who won the past contests along with your own progress of that contest.
    • Future contests: find out which contests lie ahead, so you can prepare yourself ahead of time.

    To participate in these contests, all you have to do is complete the task of that day. For example, on 1 December, the task is to steal from any thieving stall in Edgeville. If you steal 300 times, you complete the easy task and are eligible to win 30M OSRS GP. If you steal 1500 times, you complete the hard task and are eligible to win 150M OSRS GP. The next day, the winners of the easy and hard contest are decided.

    Daily contests

    Some more useful information about these contests:

    • Each day begins at 9 AM UTC (GMT+0). This is the same time as any other events.
    • If you complete the hard task, it is possible to win both the easy and hard contest for a total of 180M OSRS GP.
    • You are free to choose OSRS GP, donator points (+ rank) or USD on a PayPal-account. 30M OSRS GP equals 300 donator points + 300 added to your amount donated, or 10 USD on a PayPal-account.

    • The contest is limited to one account per player. If you completed a task on multiple accounts, only one randomly chosen account will be eligible to to win a prize.
    • To claim your prize, contact Pikachu#6645 on Discord or mail us at info(at)anarchyps.org.

    We have also made the following improvements to the game:

    • When clicking a shortcut in the Revenant Caves, you will now walk towards the pillar and jump over it, instead of having to manually click the tile in front of the pillar to walk to it.
    • A bug has been fixed that prevented Group Ironman players with the same IP address from being in the same group.
    • The equipment stats of black (g), steel (g), adamant (g), rune (g) and dragon (g) armour, the large spade and wooden shield have been fixed.
    • A bug has been fixed where catching red chinhompas did not count toward its daily task if you have a baby chinchompa pet.
    • The colour of drop party announcements has been updated so it is better highlighted when someone has put valuable items in the drop party chest. You will now also receive a message in your chatbox upon logging in if there are valuables in the drop party chest.

    Drop parties in the party room, logout timer, brewing down

    2 November 2021

    From now on, players can hold drop parties in the Falador party room.

    Drop party chest

    They can do so by putting items into the chest. As soon as the lever is pulled, balloons will drop. Popping these balloons may yield an item from the chest. The balloons will keep dropping until all items have been dropped. For obvious reasons, ironman players cannot pick up items from the drop party chest.

    When someone adds items to the chest with a total value of 100M coins or more, a global announcement will inform everyone that valuable items have been added to the drop party chest. Players can teleport to the party room by using the command '::dp' (alternative commands: '::party', '::dparty' and '::dropparty').

    We have also made the following improvements:

    • A player now has to be out of combat for 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds before they can log out. This means our logout timer is now the same as in OSRS.
    • You can no longer cast a magic spell when you have lowered your magic level below the required level to cast it. For example, ice barrage can no longer be used when you have lowered your magic level below level 94.
    • The +15% magic damage bonus of the volatile nightmare staff will no longer apply to its the special attack, this was a bug.
    • A bug has been fixed where some players that had started, but not finished, the previous Halloween event, had their characters show up transparent.
    • When a mysterious emblem gets an upgrade, the message now displays the right tier number.
    • Green graceful boots will now go to your bank when you die, just like the other graceful outfit items.

    Halloween event

    19 October 2021

    We have released a small Halloween event. This event will last until 15 November, so you have plenty of time to complete it!

    Halloween event 2021

    Slayer improvements

    12 October 2021

    The slayer interface has received a complete makeover, allowing us to add a number of new features and improve our existing features.

    • You can now receive TzKal-Zuk, the Great Olm, Verzik Vitur and the Nightmare as a slayer task after unlocking it. You can only unlock TzTok-Jad and TzKal-Zul as slayer tasks if you have already beaten them at least once.
    • For 1,000 slayer points, you can now unlock an ability to store your current slayer task. This costs 50 points each time you use it. You cannot store wilderness tasks.
    • When being assigned a TzTok-Jad task, you can now only kill it once per task and it is no longer possible to extend the task. Also, when a player does not manage to beat TzTok-Jad in one go (when they die or leave the fight caves), the task will be reset. This will not reset your task streak and can be used to quickly skip the task. The same principle applies to TzKal-Zul, Great Olm and Verzik Vitur slayer tasks. A warning is displayed when entering each of these minigames while on a slayer task, to inform you that you only have one chance to beat the boss to receive slayer XP and points.
    • You will now also receive slayer XP and the slayer helmet bonus will now also count for all fight cave monsters, all Inferno monsters, all Raid I monsters and all Raid II monsters while on an appropriate slayer task.
    • TzTok-Jad and TzKal-Zuk now have a higher chance to drop a pet while assigned as a slayer task (twice the chance for TzTok-Jad and a 1/75 chance instead of 1/100 for TzKal-Zuk).
    • Killing TzTok-Jad while on a slayer task now grants 250,000 slayer XP for 10 waves, 350,000 slayer XP for 20 waves and 500,000 slayer XP for 63 waves (15,000, 21,000 and 30,000 XP respectively for extreme mode).
    • Killing TzKal-Zuk while on a slayer task now grants 1,000,000 slayer XP for 10 waves, 1,400,000 slayer XP for 20 waves and 2,000,000 slayer XP for 69 waves (60,000, 84,000 and 120,000 XP respectively for extreme mode).
    • All unlocked abilities (which used to be under "learn", now found under the "unlock" tab), can now also be disabled by clicking the ability button again. For example, if you unlocked TzKal-Zuk as a possible slayer task but no longer wish to have it assigned. Simply click it again to re-enable it. Disabling and re-enabling unlocked abilities is free.
    • After having learned how to imbue a slayer helmet, you can right-click any non-imbued slayer helmet and click "Imbue" to imbue it.
    • You can now unlock the ability to extend the amount assigned for several slayer monsters. You can also unlock every single "extend" ability at once, paying its total cost in one go.
    • All items previously sold in the slayer store have been put in the "buy" tab. The magic dart (which was called "slayer darts" before) gives 250 death runes and 1,000 mind runes (or 250 magic dart casts) for 35 slayer points. The slayer experience you could buy for 50 slayer points has been replaced by three slayer tomes. These tomes grant a random amount of slayer XP when read.
    • Recolouring a slayer helmet is now an ability that you can unlock by paying a one-time fee of 1,000 slayer points per colour. Once you have unlocked the ability, you can use the appropriate item on your slayer helmet to recolour it.

    In addition, the right-click menu of the Slayer masters now also has a "Cancel" option to cancel your current task much quicker than before.

    Slayer master right-click menu

    Other bugfixes and improvements:

    • The hitpoints of the following monsters have been lowered to match those in OSRS: Tok-Xil to 40 (from 120), Jal-Xil to 130 (from 125), Jal-MejJak to 75 (from 80) and Nylocas Ischyros to 11 (from 60).
    • The skill tab has been reworked, improving the alignment of the icons and allowing us to add the construction skill button once we release construction.
    • The looks of the pith helmet have been fixed.
    • Players can now right-click "Metamorphosis" to change the baby chinchompa's colour between grey, red and black. When changing colours, there is a 1/15,000 chance that it will change into a gold colour. When attempting to metamorphose a golden baby chinchompa, a warning is displayed with a yes or no option.
    • Players can now also change the colour of their rift guardian by crafting a rune while it is following the player, not only when it is in their inventory. Should players wish to keep their rift guardian the same colour, they may do so via the right-click "Locking" option while it is following the player.

    Bugfixes & improvements

    16 September 2021

    We have fixed a minor but longstanding bug with account PINs. Not to worry, your account is as safe as it always has been. However, the idea was that if you enter your PIN, you do not have to enter it again as long as you log in from the same IP address as last time. Due to a bug, your last IP address was not properly saved, causing some players to have to re-enter their PIN every single login. Due to a second (unrelated) bug, even those players whose last IP was being properly saved, they had to enter their PIN every single time when they opened their bank, which is now also fixed.

    In short, players will not be presented with the PIN popup as much anymore, but only when you log in from the same IP address every time. This is how it was always intended to work.

    Other bugfixes and improvements:

    • The group ironman interface in the quest tab has been fixed.
    • As a group ironman player you can now loot items when killing another player in the Wilderness as long as they belong to the same GIM group.
    • Clicking any stat in your quest tab will now display the correct information again.
    • The Jack lantern mask, Skeleton outfit, Grim reaper hood and Hunting knife (from the cosmetic mystery box) are now tradeable, just like all other items from the cosmetic mystery box.
    • Global announcements about a player will no longer be sent to players who are in their ignore list. Additionally, if someone's private chat is disabled, other players will no longer receive global announcements about that player. When a player has set their private chat to friends only, only friends will receive the global announcements about that player.
    • A bug has been fixed where it was possible to contribute to the Well of Goodwill for a bonus that was already active, causing the player to lose their contribution.
    • A bug has been fixed where the Gambler wasn't able to walk through players.
    • Helpers and moderators can now cross the wilderness ditch, enter the Edgeville trapdoor, revenant caves and wilderness agility course and slash through webs while in restricted mode. They now also have access to the ::restricted command, which will restrict their actions while allowing them to assist other players in the wilderness without being PKed. This command can only be executed inside the Edgeville bank.

    Well of Goodwill released

    24 August 2021

    The Well of Goodwill has been added to the game. This well is found in Edgeville, just south of the shops.

    Well of Goodwill

    Anyone can contribute coins, platinum tokens or items to the well for a bonus of their choosing. When players contribute items instead of coins or platinum tokens, the item's high alch value will be added to the well. If the alch value would cause the well to be overfilled, any excess coins will be placed in your inventory instead. There are 10 possible bonuses to contribute to:

    • +20% experience
    • +20% NPC droprates
    • +30% Raid 1 points
    • +30% Raid 2 points
    • +5 Pest Control points
    • Free slayer boss access
    • +30% slayer points
    • Double PK points
    • +50% Barrows chest drops
    • +50% pet droprates

    Once 250M coins have been contributed toward one of these bonuses, the bonus will be activated server-wide for one hour. Once the bonus has expired, players can contribute toward this bonus again. It is possible to contribute to (and activate) several different bonuses at the same time.

    Please keep in mind that the pricing of the well may be lowered or increased in the future if we believe it is too cheap or too expensive.

    Other improvements and bugfixes included in this update:

    • You can now get random events while killing battle mages in the Mage Arena.
    • Random events will now trigger less often while in PvM combat.
    • Several buttons now have a proper hover icon when hovering over it with your mouse (for example the "X" button on most interfaces). However, this may cause a few visual bugs. If you encounter any visual bugs with button hovers, please let us know.
    • Easy clue bottles will no longer disappear when your inventory is full, but instead will go to your bank.
    • The leaf-bladed battleaxe has been added as a drop of (king) kurasks. This battleaxe has a 17.5% increased accuracy and damage against turoths and kurasks.
    • The leaf-bladed sword has been added as a drop of (king) kurasks.
    • King kurasks now also drop the leaf-bladed spear.
    • The drop chance of the leaf-bladed sword from spiked turoths has been increased.
    • The stats and requirements of the leaf-bladed spear, sword and battleaxe have been adapted according to the OSRS wiki. It's now also possible to wield the leaf-bladed sword.
    • The leaf-bladed spear has been added to the slayer shop.
    • Turoths and kurasks can now only be damaged with leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows and bolts or the Magic dart spell.

    Pathing improvements

    26 July 2021

    Several pathing-related issues have been fixed:

    • Several instances of your character moving in the wrong direction have been fixed.
    • Several 'dead tiles' have been fixed.
    • You will no longer run up to a player or NPC when casting magic on them.
    • Your character will no longer stop running at Zulrah when it is submerging.
    • The Nightmare will now follow players again.

    Other bugfixes:

    • You can no longer receive a random event when fighting demonic gorillas.
    • The bugged box traps that would stay around forever and not despawn have been fixed.
    • You will no longer lose raid points when teleporting out of a raid instance after the boss has been killed. Similarly, you will no longer lose raid points if you were inside a raid during a server update, logged in to an empty raid and teleport out. These apply to both the Chambers of Xeric and the Theatre of Blood.

    ::empty command, bugfixes and improvements

    13 July 2021

    • The ::empty command has been added for donators, which drops all items from their inventory at once. The ::toggledrop warning also applies to the ::empty command.
    • Dragon implings in the donator zone now respawn faster.
    • A bug has been fixed where box traps and bird snares didn't visualle change when triggered.
    • A bug has been fixed where players could not pick up a bird snare when a bird was caught.
    • You will no longer get stuck at the herb patches in Falador.
    • You will no longer get stuck on the elevator at Mount Karuulm which leads to the brimstone chest.
    • Players with an Agility level of 25 or higher will now be able to jump over the low fence shortcut in western Burgh de Rott.
    • A few more "dead tiles", where players could not walk upon, have been fixed.
    • The black dragon that was stuck in the wall in the Revenant caves has been fixed.
    • A bug has been fixed where a player would not look at the player they are trading with.
    • When a non donator tries to execute a donator only command, they will now receive a message that they need to be a donator to use that command.

    New and improved donator zone

    3 July 2021

    Our donator zone has moved to a new location as per popular request!

    New donator zone map New donator zone cave New donator zone grassland

    The new donator zone has all the features from the old one, along with several new additions:

    • More dragon implings
    • An ornate pool of rejuvenation
    • Bank booths closer to the skilling areas
    • A karambwanji fishing spot
    • Coal
    • Runite rocks
    • Gem rocks
    • A hunter store
    • A furnace that allows you to use ore on it and where you can smelt cannonballs
    • Red chinchompas
    • Black chinchompas (diamond donator only)

    A few bugs have also been fixed:

    • A bug has been fixed where a player would follow another player after trading them or inviting them to a duel.
    • More "dead tiles", where players could not walk upon, have been fixed.
    • Verzik Vitur's final form will now properly face and follow players.
    • An attempt has been made to fix the bug where the pillars in Verzik's room would randomly disappear. Please let us know if there are still any issues with them.
    • Chinchompas no longer have an attack option.
    • An undead combat dummy and a teleportation device have been added to Edgeville. These can only be used by donators.
    • The ornate pool of rejuvenation now also restores run energy and any reduced stats.
    • The Hitpoints orb on the minimap will no longer stay green after being cured from poison or venom.
    • The undead combat dummy now performs its proper animation when being attacked.
    • The undead combat dummy will no longer turn around.
    • Several objects, such as the thieving stalls in Edgeville, will now be immediately loaded and shown on server startup, instead of taking about a minute to load.

    Pathing improvements

    24 June 2021

    Today, we have reworked large portions of pathing-related code. This should fix a number of issues:

    • You should no longer encounter the issue where you sometimes 'walk back' a few squares.
    • You should no longer encounter issues with clicking on a tile to walk without anything happening and having to click again.
    • Following another player to attack them should now be much smoother.
    • Attacking an NPC that's walking away from you should now work properly.

    This is a huge update, and although a lot of testing has gone into it, we cannot guarantee that it is without bugs or issues. If you encounter any pathing-related issues because of this update, please let us know so we can fix them.

    A few other bugs have also been fixed:

    • Double Zulrah spawns have been fixed.
    • A bug has been fixed where depositing/withdrawing items to/from your looting bag may interfere with other functions, such as noting/unnoting items at a bank booth.
    • You can now use spaces in the search term for the ::wiki command.
    • A bug has been fixed where the last log when a tree is cut down didn't count towards the achievement.

    Looting bag, game improvements

    18 June 2021

    The looting bag has received several improvements:

    • The looting bag can now be opened or closed. When open, any tradeable items you pick up while inside the wilderness will be automatically added to your looting bag.
    • While having your bank open, you can now click your looting bag to view its contents and deposit items from the bag into your bank.
    • When using an item on the looting bag, you can now choose between "One", "Five", "All" or "X" items. This popup does not trigger when you only have one of that item in your inventory.
    • You can now use noted items on your looting bag to deposit them into the bag.
    • When an Ultimate Ironman uses the "Bank all" option of the looting bag, they will now receive a warning that they cannot retrieve any banked items as long as they are an Ulrimate Ironman. If at any point they revert their status to a regular account, they can access any previously deposited items in the bank.
    • When depositing your looting bag into your bank, items will automatically be placed into the first tab with free space when the currently selected tab is full.

    In other news:

    • The contents and drop rates of the wildy pursuit crate have been improved. You can check the exact items with their respective chances on our wiki.
    • The OSRS mode has been renamed to Extreme mode.
    • Bob Barter in Edgeville can now decant overloads.
    • From now on, players will be able to disassemble variants of the max cape. In return, they will receive the max cape back as well as the item used to create the variant. Players can also revert their max hood variant into a regular max hood.
    • You can now metamorph a pet dark core into a pet corporeal critter.
    • The ::teleto command for helpers has been fixed.
    • Mithril, adamant and runite bolts (unf) are no longer called "dart tips" in the smithing interface.
    • When looting impling jars (other than lucky implings jars), there is now a chance to obtain a clue scroll (or lesser reward casket). The chances are the same as in OSRS.
    • The chances to obtain a medium, hard or elite clue scroll (or lesser reward casket) from lucky implings have been increased, while the chances to obtain a beginner or easy clue scroll (or lesser reward casket) have been lowered. You now have 40% chance to obtain a medium clue scroll and 15% for each other level clue scroll.


    1 June 2021

    We are happy to announce our brand new wiki at https://wiki.anarchyps.org which we have been working hard to set up in the past weeks.


    Several pages have already been added and we have done our best to copy (and improve) the contents of the existing forum guides. At the same time, we have also disabled the forums, considering they were barely used at all. As of now, Discord will be the only means of communication, while the wiki will be the place to go for guides and information about the game.

    The forums are currently still accessible at https://forums.anarchyps.org for archive purposes, but we have removed all direct links on the website.

    Pages on the wiki can only be edited by people with the Wiki editor role in Discord. To apply this role, please send a direct message to Pikachu#6645 on Discord.

    Please note that the wiki is not entirely set up yet, as this new role still needs to be properly integrated into the wiki.


    9 May 2021

    • Leaving a Group Ironman group will now properly remove you from the group after 72 hours.
    • Ironman players are now able to buy soft clay from the Magic Supplies store.
    • The looks of the skeletal helm have been fixed.

    Bugfixes and improvements

    14 April 2021

    • The consumable store now sells noted 4-dose potions instead of unnoted 3-dose potions.
    • The prices of ranger boots and robin hood hat have been changed to better reflect their actual values.
    • If you have an account pin, you cannot see other players or NPC's until you have entered the pin. Likewise, you will be invisible to other players until you have entered your pin. This is to prevent scouting in the wilderness without other players being able to attack you.
    • IP-mutes have been fixed, so players can now be muted across all their accounts, not just on one account.
    • The prices and alch values of 1-, 2- and 3-dose versions of several potions have been altered to be proportional to the price of the 4-dose version, which was often not the case.
    • The prices (and alch values) of monkfish and swordfish have been slightly increased, as both were cheaper than lobster while healing more.
    • The prices of the noted versions of some items have been fixed so the value of an unnoted is now always the same as their unnoted version.
    • As of now, you need soft clay to create bones to peaches or bones to bananas tablets. These can be bought in the magic store for 300 coins each.
    • A bug has been fixed where if you sell a large number of expensive items to the store with a total value of over 2147M (for example 2500 items worth 1 million coins each), you would not receive any coins. You will now receive the appropriate number of coins and additionally a number of platinum tokens if needed.

    Group Ironman released

    10 April 2021

    We are happy to announce the release of our new game mode, Group Ironman.

    Group Ironman

    Like regular Ironman mode, Group Ironman (or GIM) players cannot trade, stake or scavenge items from other players. After choosing Group Ironman as your game mode in the starter screen, you will enter a lobby with other Group Ironman mode players. You can then invite them to enter your group.

    A group can consist of up to five players. Depending on your group size, you will be ranked in a different bracket on the HiScores. If someone leaves your group, you will remain in the same bracket on the HiScores to prevent unfair competition.

    While inside the lobby, you can right-click another player to invite them to your group. Whoever sent the invite will become the group leader. Only the group leader can invite other players into the group. The group leader can re-enter the lobby at any time later on to invite additional group members.

    To kick a member from your group, click on their name in your quest tab. At least 50% of the group members must vote to kick someone before they are kicked. You can leave your group at any time by clicking on your own name in the quest tab, but you will need to wait 72 hours before you actually leave, similar as when you revert your account to regular mode at the Ironman Handler. If you leave a group (or have been kicked), you will become the leader of your own group and will need to recruit new members in the lobby.

    Within a group, you can freely trade and pick up items dropped by other group members. Additionally, your group will receive drops from NPC's as long as your group dealt at least 75% of the damage to that NPC.

    There are plans to introduce a shared chest in which group members can freely deposit items to be used by the entire group, but we have not done so yet due to its complexity and the time needed to add this feature.

    This update also includes a few bugfixes:

    • A bug has been fixed where the max hit of Vesta's longsword and Statius's warhammer against players was too high and the Vesta's longsword special attack would ignore protection prayers.
    • Staff rank, game mode and donator rank icons are now all displayed next to everyone's name.
    • From now on you can use ::tp to teleport to the wildy pursuit monster, although ::telepursuit still works as well.
    • Some objects incorrectly had the infernal cape texture. This has now been fixed.
    • The ranged, farming and hunter skills now have a proper level up interface.

    For older updates, visit our news archive.