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      Custom hotkeys, rune dragons, bugfixes

      15 August 2019

      Custom hotkeys have been added!

      You can access this interface by clicking the "Keybindings" (F1) button on your wrench tab. Then click on the text next to an icon to change its keybinding and press another key to change the keybinding to that key.

      A list of all keys you can use for keybinding:

      • F1 - F12
      • Esc
      • Page Up
      • Page Down
      • Home
      • End
      • Pause
      • Insert

      The interface also has the option 'Esc closes current interface', which is disabled by default. With this option enabled, you can press Esc to close top-level interfaces such as your bank. This option will also clear any text you have typed.

      Adamant and rune dragons have been added to the game, you can teleport them by choosing the 'Adamant and Rune dragons' option in the Monsters teleport. They drop dragon limbs and unfinished dragon bolts. They do not have the special attacks as in OSRS yet, for now they just have melee, magic, ranged and dragonfire attacks, just like mithril dragons.

      The max cape price for non-donators has also been lowered to 50M. Anyone who paid 200M for the max cape can request a refund of 150M coins either in this topic or in a new topic in the refund forum.


      • Ironman players can now purchase all items from the general store.
      • Gem rocks have been added in the crafting guild, counting towards the Falador achievement diary.
      • The monkfish fishing spot in Falador park has been replaced by manta rays, you can now complete this task in the Falador achievement diary.
      • A bug has been fixed where the protect from melee prayer would not reduce the damage from a dragon claws special attack.
      • Dragon claws, dragon pickaxe and 3rd age equipment now have their proper level requirements to wear.
      • The Thammaron's Sceptre now has the correct combat interface and you can now autocast spells with it.
      • The Mithril dragons are now found in the correct spots in the Ancient Cavern.
      • Brutal green dragons and other npcs have been added to the Ancient Cavern, including their drops.
      • All other brutal dragons now have drops as well.
      • The ring of wealth now alchs for 45K coins instead of 450K.
      • Ironman players can now buy a ring of wealth(i) in the donator store for 70 donator points.
      • A bug has been fixed where players were able to add more than 350 items to a bank tab by dragging an item from another tab to it. The extra items would be lost when relogging.
      • Bronze, iron, steel, blurite, mithril and adamant crossbows now have their proper ranged attack bonuses.
      • You can now properly block the mage and special attacks of Venenatis with the protect from magic prayer.
      • You can now toggle ether absorption on the bracelet of ethereum.
      • You can now operate the bracelet of ethereum to check how many charges you have remaining.
      • Players will no longer lose the contents of their looting bag when dying in Raids.
      • You will no longer see clan chat messages of players on your ignore list.
      • A bug has been fixed that allowed players to spawn a large amount of marks of grace on the Varrock rooftop agility course. Those who abused this bug will have their marks and graceful equipment confiscated.
      • When killing the Great Olm, the chance on a unique item drop is now properly displayed (it would incorrectly display 1% per 5,000 points instead of 1% per 3,000 points).
      • Players will now instantly log out after clicking the logout button, rather than being delayed for a few seconds.
      • All drop rates on draconic visages have been halved.
      • Requirements for obsidian equipment have been added.

      Slayer task and blood money store bugfixes

      3 August 2019

      • Players are now able to receive Corporeal Beast as a boss slayer task and Lava dragon as a hard slayer task, which they could never do before due to a bug in the code.
      • Ironman can now sell items to the blood money store.

      Better voting rewards, a couple of bugfixes

      2 August 2019

      In today's update:

      • Voting now gives +20% XP and +20% NPC drops for a few minutes, 12 seconds per vote point you receive to be precise.
      • Players can now purchase skillcapes in the skillcape store again.
      • Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial boots now have the proper requirements to wear.
      • Serpentine, Magma and Tanzanite helm now have the proper requirements to wear.
      • Blessed dragonhide pieces now have the correct requirements to wear.
      • Blessed dragonhide body no longer shows your arms through.
      • Upon entering the revenant caves, you now receive a message about the benefits of being skulled inside the caves.

      Welcome to Anarchy

      1 August 2019

      Released on 1 August 2019, Anarchy sets itself aside from most other RSPS by being run by professional developers who have several years of RSPS and programming experience. We are dedicated to bring the best content to our community. We take feedback from our players to continue improving the server to match our players' needs and expectations.

      Our server is an economy, PvM and PvP server based on a modified 317 source with up-to-date OSRS content. We make sure to regularly update the source so we can add the latest features OSRS has to offer.

      Anarchy is a continuation of Lawless, with the same accounts, both in-game and on the forums. So if you had a Lawless account, simply use the same username and password to continue where you left off! And yes, botting is still allowed ;)