Upcoming events

    • Double PK Points
    • 21 May 2021 - 24 May 2021
    • Free access to all slayer bosses
    • 4 Jun 2021 - 7 Jun 2021
    • 10X coin drops from NPCs
    • 18 Jun 2021 - 21 Jun 2021
    • +20% XP weekend
    • 2 Jul 2021 - 5 Jul 2021
    • Double Raid I points
    • 16 Jul 2021 - 19 Jul 2021

News & Updates


9 May 2021

  • Leaving a Group Ironman group will now properly remove you from the group after 72 hours.
  • Ironman players are now able to buy soft clay from the Magic Supplies store.
  • The looks of the skeletal helm have been fixed.

Bugfixes and improvements

14 April 2021

  • The consumable store now sells noted 4-dose potions instead of unnoted 3-dose potions.
  • The prices of ranger boots and robin hood hat have been changed to better reflect their actual values.
  • If you have an account pin, you cannot see other players or NPC's until you have entered the pin. Likewise, you will be invisible to other players until you have entered your pin. This is to prevent scouting in the wilderness without other players being able to attack you.
  • IP-mutes have been fixed, so players can now be muted across all their accounts, not just on one account.
  • The prices and alch values of 1-, 2- and 3-dose versions of several potions have been altered to be proportional to the price of the 4-dose version, which was often not the case.
  • The prices (and alch values) of monkfish and swordfish have been slightly increased, as both were cheaper than lobster while healing more.
  • The prices of the noted versions of some items have been fixed so the value of an unnoted is now always the same as their unnoted version.
  • As of now, you need soft clay to create bones to peaches or bones to bananas tablets. These can be bought in the magic store for 300 coins each.
  • A bug has been fixed where if you sell a large number of expensive items to the store with a total value of over 2147M (for example 2500 items worth 1 million coins each), you would not receive any coins. You will now receive the appropriate number of coins and additionally a number of platinum tokens if needed.

Group Ironman released

10 April 2021

We are happy to announce the release of our new game mode, Group Ironman.

Group Ironman

Like regular Ironman mode, Group Ironman (or GIM) players cannot trade, stake or scavenge items from other players. After choosing Group Ironman as your game mode in the starter screen, you will enter a lobby with other Group Ironman mode players. You can then invite them to enter your group.

A group can consist of up to five players. Depending on your group size, you will be ranked in a different bracket on the HiScores. If someone leaves your group, you will remain in the same bracket on the HiScores to prevent unfair competition.

While inside the lobby, you can right-click another player to invite them to your group. Whoever sent the invite will become the group leader. Only the group leader can invite other players into the group. The group leader can re-enter the lobby at any time later on to invite additional group members.

To kick a member from your group, click on their name in your quest tab. At least 50% of the group members must vote to kick someone before they are kicked. You can leave your group at any time by clicking on your own name in the quest tab, but you will need to wait 72 hours before you actually leave, similar as when you revert your account to regular mode at the Ironman Handler. If you leave a group (or have been kicked), you will become the leader of your own group and will need to recruit new members in the lobby.

Within a group, you can freely trade and pick up items dropped by other group members. Additionally, your group will receive drops from NPC's as long as your group dealt at least 75% of the damage to that NPC.

There are plans to introduce a shared chest in which group members can freely deposit items to be used by the entire group, but we have not done so yet due to its complexity and the time needed to add this feature.

This update also includes a few bugfixes:

  • A bug has been fixed where the max hit of Vesta's longsword and Statius's warhammer against players was too high and the Vesta's longsword special attack would ignore protection prayers.
  • Staff rank, game mode and donator rank icons are now all displayed next to everyone's name.
  • From now on you can use ::tp to teleport to the wildy pursuit monster, although ::telepursuit still works as well.
  • Some objects incorrectly had the infernal cape texture. This has now been fixed.
  • The ranged, farming and hunter skills now have a proper level up interface.

Easter event, blood item buff and discount, Ironman competition

27 March 2021

Easter event

We have just released our Easter event, which lasts until 24 April and can be started by talking to the Easter bunny in north-west Edgeville. Like every year, there is a small chance to receive an Easter ring from hourly reward boxes (also lasts until 24 April).

Easter event 2021

During the Easter event, there is also a third wildy pursuit boss that will sometimes appear, the Colossal Chocco chicken. It drops the same items as the other pursuit monsters, but also drops easter eggs, a consumable that heals 14 HP when eaten.

Colossal chocco chicken

Blood item buff, 20% discount

As the result of a recent poll, we have buffed the blood weapons so they now have a 25% chance to heal 25% of the damage dealt (or 6.25% healing on average). This used to be 20% chance to heal 20% of the damage dealt (or 4% healing on average). We may decide to further buff the weapons in a future update if needed.

Additionally, to celebrate this holiday, we have temporarily reduced the prices of all blood items in the donator store with 20%. This discount will last until 10 April.

We have also added the possibility to attach blood limbs to a Dragon hunter crossbow to create a Blood hunter crossbow, granting a 25% chance to heal 25% of the damage you deal.

Blood item discount

Ironman competition

Two of our helpers, Chef and Disappoint, have organised an additional (but unrelated) event that lasts from 3 to 10 April. The idea is to complete as many goals as possible on a fresh Ironman account in 7 days. To participate in the event, contact Chef (TheOriginalChef#7904) or Disappoint (Disappointment#5074) on Discord.

Other improvements

  • The Dragon donator rank has been renamed to Dragonstone donator as per popular request.
  • PvM caskets are now dropped by all monsters. The probability of receiving a PvM casket increases with the monster's combat level. It uses the same calculation as for the brimstone key.
  • Druid's robes have been removed from PvM caskets and added to the Cosmetic Supplies store in Varrock, along with the Druid's robe top.
  • The drops of the wildy pursuit monsters (Glod, Ice Queen and during the Easter event also the Colossal Chocco Chicken) have been slightly buffed.
  • The wildy pursuit locations have been changed and expanded to 10 different locations from level 13 to level 54 wilderness. It should no longer be possible to have both Glod and the Ice Queen spawned at the same location, nor should the the wildy pursuit spawns be too close to any other wilderness monster.
  • Only one wildy pursuit monster will be spawned at a time. After 15 minutes the location will change and a random wildy pursuit monster will be spawned at the new location. As soon as the wildy pursuit monster is killed, a new random wildy pursuit monster will immediately spawn in a different location.
  • When using ::telepursuit, you will now get a confirmation screen instead of directly teleporting to the wildy pursuit monster.
  • The commands list has been cleaned up. All usable commands will now be properly shown when you type ::commands and all commands now have an appropriate description. When a command requires a parameter, using the command without a parameter will display information on how to use the command. If different commands do the same thing, for example ::changepass and ::changepassword, only one of those commands will be displayed in the list to keep the list clear. The other (unlisted) command will still work.
  • The stand, walk and run animations of the blood scythe have been fixed.
  • Players can no longer enter an invalid password of zero characters when using the command ::changepass or ::changepassword.
  • You will now receive a message when you do not use the right attack type or spell when attacking an NPC that can only be attacked with a specific type or spell.

Donator status and store changes, blood weapons

12 March 2021

Donator status changes

As of now, all our donator statuses correspond with the names and colours of gems. Upon popular request, we have also introduced a new donator rank at an amount donated of 25,000 points. This means our donator ranks are now as follows:

  • Sapphire donator (blue) at 100 points (used to be Donator).
  • Emerald donator (green) at 500 points (used to be Super donator).
  • Ruby donator (red) at 1,500 points (used to be Extreme donator).
  • Diamond donator (white) at 3,000 points (used to be Legendary donator).
  • Dragon donator (purple) at 10,000 points (used to be Uber donator).
  • Onyx donator (black) at 25,000 points, the newly introduced rank.
  • Zenyte donator (orange) at 50,000 points (used to be Immortal donator).

With the introduction of the onyx donator rank, we have also buffed a few zenyte donator perks:

  • +50% NPC drop rate boost (instead of +40%)
  • +90% bonus pet drops (instead of +80%)
  • +130% bonus vote points (instead of +120%)
  • 3,840 max cannonballs in a cannon (instead of 1,920)

Blood weapons

Blood weapons

For the first time (and possibly the only time), we have introduced a set of custom items into the game: blood items, sold for 500 points each in the donator store, also to ironman players. Alternatively, they can be obtained from ultimate mystery boxes (read below). When attached to the appropriate weapon, it provides a passive healing effect with a 20% chance to heal 20% of the damage dealt:

  • Blood blade: attach to a Scythe of vitur to create a Blood scythe.
  • Blood bowstring: attach to a Twisted bow to create a Blood bow.
  • Blood tentacle: attach to an Abyssal tentacle to create a Blood whip.
  • Blood fang: attach to a Toxic blowpipe to create a Blood blowpipe.
  • Blood limbs: attach to an Armadyl crossbow to create a Blood crossbow.

Mystery boxes changes and new donator store items

New donator store

We have renamed our mystery box to super mystery box to better fit in with the two new mystery boxes we introduced today. Nothing else about this box has changed.

The following items are now sold in the donator store:

  • Mystery box: a cheaper version of the super mystery box, sold for 30 points each. For a full overview of the possible rewards, head to our store page, tab "Mystery boxes".
  • Ultimate mystery box: a more expensive version of the super mystery box, sold for 300 points each.
  • Blood blade, bowstring, tentacle, fang and limbs for 500 points each.
  • 10M coins for 6 points.
  • 1,000 cannonballs for 15 points.
  • A lamp that provides +20% bonus XP for 1 hour, sold for 30 points.
  • A lamp that provides +20% NPC drops for 1 hour, sold for 30 points.

Donator store price changes

The following prices have been changed in our donator store to better reflect their in-game coin value:

  • Zamorakian hasta: 90 points (from 130)
  • Dragon crossbow: 180 points (from 200)
  • Heavy ballista: 80 points (from 100)
  • Dark bow: 60 points (from 70)
  • Trident of the seas: 120 points (from 150)
  • Seers ring (i): 80 points (from 60)
  • Archers ring (i): 90 points (from 60)
  • Berserker ring (i): 90 points (from 60)
  • Tyrannical ring (i): 40 points (from 60)
  • Treasonous ring (i): 30 points (from 50)
  • Amulet of the damned: 50 points (from 60)
  • Amulet of avarice: 60 points (from 50)
  • Zenyte shard: 130 points (from 100)
  • Draconic visage: 130 points (from 140)
  • Skeletal visage: 200 points (from 250)
  • Wyvern visage: 500 points (from 600)
  • Malediction ward (or): 60 points (from 80)
  • Odium ward (or): 70 points (from 80)
  • Tome of fire (empty): 100 points (from 200)
  • Primordial boots: 160 points (from 140)
  • Eternal boots: 160 points (from 140)
  • Pegasian boots: 160 points (from 140)
  • Smouldering stone: 130 points (from 110)
  • Dwarf cannon set: 30 points (from 50)
  • Guthan's armour set: 120 points (from 130)
  • Verac's armour set: 80 points (from 110)
  • Dharok's armour set: 100 points (from 130)
  • Torag's armour set: 60 points (from 110)
  • Ahrim's armour set: 90 points (from 130)
  • Karil's armour set: 70 points (from 110)

This means 21 items have been made cheaper, while 9 items have been made more expensive.

Bugfixes and other improvements

  • A bug has been fixed that caused players to crash if there are hundreds of items laying on a single square on the floor.
  • The infernal pickaxe has been fixed so it will no longer stop mining after smelting one bar.
  • When you have ::toggledrop enabled, a warning will now only be shown when you drop items worth 100M coins or more. We advise our players to enable this setting with the ::toggledrop command. The setting is enabled on default on new accounts.
  • You can no longer attack NPC's while standing under them.
  • A bug has been fixed where a chest in a building in the deep wilderness would teleport you out of the wilderness.
  • A bug has been fixed where you still needed warrior guild tokens while wearing an attack cape in order to obtain a defender in the Cyclops room at Warriors' Guild.
  • The animations of the Statius's warhammer, Vesta's longsword and Vesta's spear special attacks have been fixed.
  • The animations of the Dagonnoth Kings have been fixed.
  • The farming animations have been fixed.
  • Book of war, book of law and book of darkness will now be kept on death.
  • You can now choose to advance your hunter skill with antique lamps.
  • You can now complete the elite achievement diary of the Desert area with a prayer level of 85 instead of 86.
  • From now on, you will be able to complete the Western achievement diary "Get a task from Nieve, wearing full void melee" by wearing the elite void melee set instead of just the regular void melee set.
  • You will now receive a message whenever a PvM casket is dropped to the ground.
  • You can now drop a trident of the seas or swamp on the floor when uncharged.
  • The guide prices of master wand, Kodai wand and Kodai insignia have been adjusted to better reflect their actual values.


24 February 2021

  • The tunnel entrance to the Kalphite Queen has been fixed.
  • From now on, you will be able to revert a golem to its original form by using a plain rock on it. These rocks can be received by mining rocks in the Feldip Hills.
  • The animations of the Cosmetic Supplies shopkeeper have been fixed.

Achievement diaries, improvements

16 February 2021

  • All region-specific achievement diaries now grant XP lamps when completing them. If you already completed a diary, simply talk to the appropriate achievement diary NPC to collect your XP lamp.
  • Several Ardougne achievement diary entries have been reworded to avoid confusion and be easier to find. The diary NPC now also properly explains the perks when completing the diary. Other diaries will receive similar improvements in future updates.
  • You no longer need to have the reward with you of the Ardougne, Kandarin and Varrock Diary in order to receive bonus marks of grace from respectively the Ardougne, Seers' Village and Varrock Rooftop Course. Completing the appropriate diary section is now sufficient to receive the bonus. The amount of bonus marks of grace is also slightly increased.
  • After completion of the Ardougne medium achievement diary, Wizard Cromperty will now give you 100 pure essence for free every day, 150 upon completion of the hard tasks and 250 upon completion of the elite tasks. Wizard Cromperty can be found in north-east Ardougne.
  • The ::stuck command will now teleport you home after 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  • You will now have 10% chance of creating extra runes and receiving bonus experience when using pure essence instead of rune essence while runecrafting.
  • Some items were tradeable but could not be alched, like the twisted buckler. This has been fixed so all tradeable items can now also be alched.
  • The trapdoors to the Draynor Sewers now work again so you can now complete the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary achievement "Smith a rune platebody" once more.
  • You will now receive a confirmation screen before opening a (cosmetic) mysery box.
  • The price of the dwarf multicannon in the ranged store has been increased back to 60M, the price it used to be until August last year.
  • From now on, you need a fletching level of 37 instead of 38 to create steel darts.

Bugfixes and improvements

13 January 2021

  • Telegrab has been fixed.
  • The twisted ancestral colour kit has been added as a possible reward of the Chambers of Xeric. The chance to obtain it is more or less equal to the chance to obtain a piece of the ancestral robes.
  • Instead of being a part of the unique raid drop table, the Olmlet now has its own separate roll with a 1/5,300 chance to receive an Olmlet for every 2,000 raid points you have. This means the chance on an Olmet has increased (from 1/70 to 1/53) and the chance on any other raid items has also slightly increased (for example from 2/70 to 2/69 for the twisted bow).
  • A bug has been fixed where players could get stuck on a tightrope in the Chambers of Xeric.
  • A bug has been fixed where players could get stuck on the stepping stones at the deep wilderness agility course.
  • You can no longer be attacked with melee when you cross the walkway at the deep wilderness agility course.
  • The death animation of (cave) kraken has been fixed.
  • Drops have been added for mountain trolls and troll generals, similar to OSRS.
  • Trolls have been added as slayer tasks for Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar, Steve and Duradel.
  • Turoths now have drops similar to OSRS.
  • The attack, block and death animations of turoths have been fixed.
  • Wyrms and drakes are now immune to both poison and venom.
  • Spiked turoth, shadow wyrm, colossal hydra and guardian drake have been added as superior slayer monsters.
  • The superior slayer monsters abhorrent spectre, repugnant spectre and basilisk sentinel now also have a chance to drop an imbued heart and a dust and/or mist battlestaff, just like the other superior slayer monsters.
  • A bug has been fixed where you needed another type of harpoon in your inventory to be able to use the infernal harpoon.
  • It's no longer possible to safespot the Abyssal Sire with a long range weapon.
  • The message you receive when a Brimstone key or Larran's key is dropped to the ground will now be coloured, just like the message of a crystal key drop.

January voting competition - win a Twisted bow

29 December 2020

Just like previous months, we are organising a voting competition, where the players who get the most votes in January will win awesome prizes! Many thanks to Just range, who donated two twisted bows and Disappoint who donated three zenyte items. The rewards are as follows:

  1. Twisted bow
  2. 3 mystery boxes
  3. 2 mystery boxes + tormented bracelet
  4. 1 mystery box + necklace of anguish
  5. Amulet of torture

On top of these top five ranks, we will also be handing out a twisted bow to a random player, chosen from everyone who has voted at least once in January. Your chances to get a twisted bow increases as you have more votes.

Note that the #1, who already receives a twisted bow, will not be eligible to receive a second twisted bow. Also, if there is an indication that a player is voting on more than one account, they will only receive a reward on one account.

Christmas event, donator store discount

22 December 2020

We are glad to announce the release of a Christmas event. This event will last until 18 January, so you have plenty of time to complete it!

Christmas event 2020

Secondly, to celebrate the holidays, we have temporarily reduced all donator store prices with 10%. This discount will last until 11 January.

There are also two other small but necessary changes in this update:

  • A bug has been fixed that allowed safespotting the Nightmare with ranged. Any items obtained through this bug have been confiscated.
  • You can now set up the dwarf multicannon in the following areas:
    • Ancient cavern
    • Catacombs

Slayer rework and expansion

8 December 2020

From now on, there are 9 slayer masters: Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar quo Maten, Steve, Duradel, Nieve and Krystilia. We have one extra slayer master compared to OSRS, because we have both Nieve and Steve at the same time. The slayer tasks assigned by Nieve or Steve in OSRS are assigned by Steve in Anarchy. As before in Anarchy, Nieve is the highest level slayer master and will only assign boss tasks. The other slayer masters are now pretty much the same as in OSRS. Their requirements are the same (so Duradel now only assigns tasks if a player has a slayer level of at least 50 and a combat level of at least 100) and the tasks they assign are now also the same as in OSRS, the main difference being that only Nieve will assign boss tasks.

Unlike other slayer masters, Konar's tasks also include a specific location where you must complete the entire task. When killing the assigned monsters at the location Konar specifies, players have a chance of receiving a Brimstone key as a drop, which can be used to open the Brimstone chest in Mount Karuulm.

The Brimstone chest mainly contains resources like in OSRS, but there is also a rare chance of looting one of the following items:

  • Twisted horns (to create a twisted slayer helmet)
  • Dragon hasta
  • Mystic hat (dusk)
  • Mystic robe top (dusk)
  • Mystic robe bottom (dusk)
  • Mystic gloves (dusk)
  • Mystic boots (dusk)

When killing monsters assigned by Krystilia, players now have a chance to receive Larran's key as a drop, which can be used to open Larran's small or big chest, both found in the Wilderness.

Larran's small and big chests contain resources similar to the Brimstone chest. The loot from the small chest is worth around 30% less than that of the big one. Larran's big chest also has a rare chance of looting one of the following items:

  • Dagon'hai hat
  • Dagon'hai robe top
  • Dagon'hai robe bottom

Donators receive extra rolls on the droptables of the Brimstone chest, Larran's small chest and Larran's big chest.

The following new slayer locations have been added:

  • Kalphite Cave: Slayer teleport, "Kalphite Cave". This dungeon contains kalphite workers, soldiers and guardians.
  • Lizardman Caves: Slayer teleport, "Lizardman Caves". This cave contains lizardman shamans. You can only enter the cave while on a Slayer task.
  • Mourner tunnels: Slayer teleport, "Dark beasts". Only dark beasts are found here.
  • Iorwerth Dungeon: Slayer teleport, "Iorwerth Dungeon". Just like in OSRS, this dungeon contains the following monsters (crystal shard drops have not yet been added):
    • 10 dark beasts
    • 13 Iorwerth warriors
    • 14 kurasks
    • 16 greater nechryael
    • 12 mutated bloodveld
    • 19 waterfiends
    • 6 moss giants (Level 84)
  • Smoke Dungeon: Slayer teleport, "Smoke Dungeon". This dungeon contains the following monsters:
    • Dust devils
    • Fire giants
    • Pyrefiends

Several NPC spawns were added or changed to better match those in OSRS:

  • Lizardman shamans now can be found at the west side of the Lizardman Canyon instead of the east side. The west side now also contains lizardmen and lizardman brutes. The penance fighters and rangers have been removed. A lot of lizardmen and lizardmen brutes can be found at the east side of the Lizardman Canyon.
  • Some of the cyclopes in the Catacombs of Kourend were replaced by mutated bloodvelds.
  • Some of the hill giants in the Catacombs of Kourend were replaced by abyssal demons.
  • The dark beasts were removed from the Catacombs or Kourend and from Taverley Dungeon.
  • The death spawns were removed from the Catacombs of Kourend.
  • The dust devils in the Slayer Tower were replaced by aberrant spectres.
  • More lizard spawns were added in the same location as they can be found in OSRS.

Other slayer-related changes:

  • The hitpoints and slayer xp of several NPCs has been fixed according to the OSRS wiki.
  • You can no longer get a random event while having a superior slayer monster (which would lead to the despawning of the superior monster).
  • You can now always receive a task from an easier slayer master, not only from Turael (so Vannaka can give you an easier task if you have one assigned by Duradel). This will reset your consecutive tasks completed.
  • You can now sell dark claw to the slayer shop.
  • The walk animation of Krystilia has been fixed.
  • Slayer master Nieve now immediately tells the player the combat and slayer level requirements in order to get a task from her.
  • When you disassemble a recoloured slayer helmet, you will now receive all components back instead of only the uncoloured slayer helmet. Before reverting your recoloured slayer helmet, you will also receive a warning.
  • Zakl'n Gritch now counts towards completion of a Lesser demon slayer task.
  • Tstanon Karlak now counts towards completion of a Greater demon slayer task.
  • Aberrant and deviant spectres now attack with magic instead of melee. Their attack animation has been fixed and they now have drops similar to OSRS. Just like in OSRS, wearing a nose peg or slayer helmet is recommended when fighting aberrant or deviant spectres; if you do not, they will use a special attack which will always hit, even through protection prayers. As undead monsters, they are susceptible to the effects of the salve amulet and its variants. Their superior variants, abhorrent and repugnant spectre, have also been added.
  • You can now kill Brutal green dragons to complete a Green dragon slayer task, unless assigned by Krystilia of course.
  • Crushing hand now counts as an undead monster.

Lastly, the following improvements and bugfixes have been made:

  • If your account is inactive for at least 5 minutes (and is not engaged in PvP), you can now kick the account by logging in to it from a different client, even in a different location. This should fix the issue of people who play on two locations and forgot to log out in one location before starting to play in another location.
  • You now have to kill lizardmen in the east or west side of the Lizardman Canyon to obtain Shayzien Assault Points. Before you had to kill penance fighters or rangers at the west side of the canyon.
  • When killing the dagannoth mother, players will now receive - apart from the rusty casket - drops similarly to those of dagannoths, but with higher drop rates. Dagannoth mother now also always drops dagannoth bones.
  • A bug has been fixed where the 'random' amounts between a minimum and maximum amount of the loot from wildy crates or daily skill boxes was always the same for everyone. The amount only changed when there was a server update.
  • There were a few places where you could place a dwarf multicannon, but should not be able to according to the OSRS wiki. This has now been fixed.
  • Zamorakian hasta and dragon hunter lance no longer deal full damage to Corporeal beast, just like in OSRS.

December voting competition - win a Twisted bow

1 December 2020

Just like last month, we are organising a voting competition, where the players who get the most votes in December will win awesome prizes! Many thanks to Nipplehorse, who personally donated all prizes. The rewards are as follows:

  1. Twisted bow
  2. Elysian spirit shield
  3. Add 500 to amount donated
  4. Add 200 to amount donated
  5. 750M coins

On top of these top five ranks, we will also be handing out 200M coins to 5 lucky winners (so 1000M coins total), chosen from everyone who has voted at least once in December. So even if you don't make it to the top 5, don't be discouraged as you still have a chance at 200M coins. Your chances to get these coins increase as you have more votes.

Unlimited shop stock, bugfixes

9 November 2020

  • All shops now have an unlimited stock of items, so players can no longer buy them out.
  • The buy limit in a shop has been increased to 10,000 instead of 1,000.
  • The sailor that teleports you from Brimhaven to Ardougne has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where items on death would not show up if the killer is an ironman. Such items will now be visible for all players, but can obviously not be picked up by an Ironman.
  • Balfrug Kreeyath now counts towards completion of a Black Demon slayer task.
  • The animations of the Saradomin battlemage in the Mage Arena have been fixed.
  • The music cape is now untradeable.

November voting competition - win a Scythe of Vitur

25 October 2020

As you may have noticed, we now have a ranking of the top 5 voters of the current month ( You can also search for the amount of votes (and ranking) of any player by looking up their username on the vote page. Voting on any of the 8 toplists will add 1 to your vote counter. This counter resets on the first day of every month.

Next month (November 2020), we will be organising a voting competition, where the players who get the most votes in November will win awesome prizes! Many thanks to Gsharp, who personally provides the items for the first three ranks. The rewards are as follows:

  1. Scythe of Vitur
  2. Arcane spirit shield
  3. Toxic blowpipe
  4. 200 mithril seeds
  5. 100 mithril seeds

For those fearing that players will be cheating this competition, rest assured that we have our own checks in place to make sure you cannot vote more than once per account within 24 hours (or 12 hours, depending on the toplist).

On top of these top five ranks, we will also be handing out 100 mithril seeds to 5 lucky winners (so 500 seeds total), chosen from everyone who has voted at least once in November. So even if you don't make it to the top 5, don't be discouraged as you still have a chance at 100 seeds. Your chances to get these seeds increase as you have more votes.

We may organise similar voting competitions in future months as well, but first we'll see how well this voting competition goes.


25 October 2020

  • The South-West totem at the Nightmare has been fixed. You will now run toward it when you attack it. Same with Skotizo altars.
  • A bug has been fixed where players were unable to kill cave bugs.
  • Items inside a looting bag will now stay on the floor (and only be visible for the player who dropped it) for 1 hour on death, instead of just a couple of minutes.
  • The dark crab fishing spot in the wilderness resource area has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where lighting logs with a tinderbox could make you walk through certain solid objects like gates.
  • A bug has been fixed where you did not need to enter your account PIN to access the Grand Exchange.
  • The animations of Aviansies and Kree'arra's minions have been fixed.
  • The defence animation of the Saradomin battle mage in the mage arena has been fixed.
  • The NPC droptable now allows you to type the following three characters: '().

Halloween event, casket rewards, bugfixes

17 October 2020

This update required us to perform another cache update, which means bringing all of our items, NPC's, objects and world map up to date with OSRS. Jagex recently shuffled a lot of ID's around, which means there is a very real chance of bugs being introduced because of these changes.
If you find any bugs in the game because of this cache update, please let us know so we can fix them as quickly as possible.

Today marks the beginning of our Halloween event! The event will last until 9 November, so take your time to complete it. You can start the event by entering Death's domain through the coffin found near the Slayer masters in Edgeville.

This update also introduces a new feature: all transformations of the Monkey (the item that you can wear in the cape slot) have been added!

A couple of bugs have also been fixed in this update:

  • Ironman players should hopefully no longer receive the message "Your mode restricts you from picking up items that are not yours." when picking up loot from Zulrah. If this bug does keep popping up, please let us know.
  • A bug has been fixed where the bounty hunter teleport didn't always work properly. Players would often receive the message "Your target is in a blocked in area", this has now been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed where weapons with the combat options Pound, Pummel and Block (like warhammers, mauls and fun weapons) didn't give experience in the right combat skills.
  • The combat interface of the obsidian maul and hill giant club has been fixed, so their styles are now Pound, Pummel and Block, as they are supposed to be.
  • The elemental and mind shield now protect against the icy breath of wyverns.
  • A bug has been fixed where the Great Olm may drop items (such as clue scrolls or crystal keys) that players could not pick up.

Several items have also been added to our clue reward caskets:

  • Adamant dragon mask
  • Rune dragon mask
  • Mithril dragon mask
  • Anguish ornament kit
  • Dark infinity colour kit
  • Tzhaar-ket-om ornament kit
  • Arceuus scarf
  • Hosidius scarf
  • Lovakengj scarf
  • Piscarilius scarf
  • Shayzien scarf
  • Black d'hide body (g)
  • Black d'hide chaps (g)
  • Black d'hide body (t)
  • Black d'hide chaps (t)
  • Deerstalker
  • Dragon cane
  • Fremennik kilt
  • Giant boot
  • Guthix d'hide shield
  • Saradomin d'hide shield
  • Zamorak d'hide shield
  • Guthix plateskirt
  • Saradomin plateskirt
  • Zamorak plateskirt
  • Holy wraps
  • Rangers' tights
  • Royal gown top
  • Royal gown bottom
  • Thieving bag
  • Uri's hat
  • Zombie head

Bugfixes, dragon platebody and kiteshield, clue rewards

18 September 2020

  • You can now enter the Arceuus Library from multiple sides.
  • The stats of green d'hide body, chaps and vambs have been fixed.
  • The combat interface of the toxic blowpipe has been fixed, so its styles are now Accurate, Rapid and Longrange, as they are supposed to be.
  • The medium Kandarin Diary achievement "Enter the Ranging Guild" now works again.
  • The medium Varrock Diary achievement "Use the grand tree to teleport" has been fixed and renamed to "Use the Spirit tree in Varrock".
  • The rope in the Kalphite Lair has been fixed.
  • Players can now smith dragon kiteshields and dragon platebodies at the Dragon Forge when they have the appropriate parts in their inventory along with a hammer. The parts necessary to smith a dragon kitshield are dragon sq shield, dragon metal shard and dragon metal slice. For a dragon platebody you need a dragon chainbody, dragon metal lump and dragon metal shard. The dragon metal shard has been added to the melee store; dragon metal slice has been added to the drop table of adamant dragons and dragon metal lump to the drop table of rune dragons.
  • The following items have been added to clue caskets:
    • Gilded coif
    • Gilded d'hide body
    • Gilded d'hide chaps
    • Gilded d'hide vambs
    • Gilded axe
    • Dragon kiteshield ornament kit
    • Dragon platebody ornament kit

Casket drops, more clue rewards, improvements

6 September 2020

As of now, you can choose to receive lesser reward caskets instead of clue scrolls. Trading in a lesser easy, medium, hard and elite casket at Watson will also give you a lesser master reward casket. These lesser caskets contain the same rewards as regular caskets (which you receive after completing a treasure trail), but there is a lower chance to receive a rare item and you will receive fewer stackable items (such as coins, arrows or runes). If you choose to receive lesser reward caskets but still have a clue scroll, you will automatically receive a casket the next time you read the clue scroll.
This option can be toggled by clicking the casket icon in your settings tab.

Casket drops toggle

Firelighters have been added to clue caskets, allowing you to recolour regular logs (so they will burn in a different color and grant bonus firemaking XP). You can also use 250 of these to recolour a phoenix pet. This can be reverted by using 250 red firelighters on a coloured phoenix pet.



  • The medium Varrock Diary achievement "Enter the Champions' Guild" now works again.
  • All permanent teleport locations of the spirit trees have been added, including Prifddinas.
  • The Zamorak Godsword special attack now consumes 60% special attack energy instead of 50%.
  • The combat interface of all godswords, Saradomin sword and Saradomin's blessed sword have been fixed, so their styles are now Chop, Slash, Smash and Block, as they are supposed to be.
  • The combat interface of the infernal pickaxe and 3rd age pickaxe has been fixed, so their styles are now Spike, Impale, Smash and Block, as they are supposed to be.
  • The dragon scimitar (or) now has its appropriate special attack.
  • A bug has been fixed where logging out while having a pet item in your inventory and also having the same pet spawned will cause you to lose the one in your inventory upon relogging.
  • Occult necklace now requires a magic level of 70 to wear.
  • Long item names are now properly wrapped when searching for an item to buy on the Grand Exchange, and closing the interface by clicking the "X" button will now properly close the search interface as well.
  • Clues given to Watson to save up for a master clue are now properly saved when logging out.
  • Reward caskets are now stackable and each casket has been recoloured according to their level, so they are now more recognisable.
  • Clue scrolls and reward caskets now have their correct pricing set, both ground item value and item kept on death value.
  • Aside from firelighters, the following items have been added to clue caskets:
    • Gilded spear, pickaxe and spade
    • Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak godsword ornament kit
    • Occult ornament kit
    • Tormented ornament kit
    • Torture ornament kit
    • Hood, robe top, robe bottom, gloves and boots of darkness
    • Dragon dagger and scimitar
    • Left eye patch
  • You can combine a left and right eye patch into a double eye patch. You can revert this and retrieve both items back.
  • The correct donator icon is now displayed in the message when you try to use the ornate rejuvenation pool as a non super donator.

Grand Exchange bugfix

29 August 2020

Today, we finally managed to fix the bug in the Grand Exchange where items could sometimes not be clicked while playing in maximized screen size. The reason the bug took this long to get fixed, is because we were unable to reproduce the issue until now.

Vesta weapon specials, bugfixes

26 August 2020

  • Vesta's spear and Vesta's longsword now have their appropriate special attacks.
  • The trapdoor to the Edgeville dungeon has been fixed.
  • You can now use the boat south of Burgh de Rott to travel to Meiyerditch.
  • A bug has been fixed where a huge number of thieving stalls would spawn in the same spot, leading to several seconds of lag whenever you teleport home.

Flower poker, treasure trails, mystery boxes, donator store

24 August 2020

Automated, scam-free flower poker

Flower poker

A feature that has often been requested in the past, but deemed too controversial by some because it's prone to being scammed. In order to prevent players from being scammed, we have added a completely automated version of this popular gambling game.

In order to participate in flower poker, you first need five mithril seeds. You can buy these in the donator store for one donator point each or in the vote store for fifteen vote points each. Please note that the 10% discount in the donator store for legendary donators will only apply to the mithril seeds if you buy at least 10 at a time. Similarly, the 20% discount for uber and immortal donators will only apply if you buy at least 5 seeds at a time.

Once you have five mithril seeds, talk to the gambler who is located just outside the Edgville bank, next to the make-over mage. You can choose to play a game with or without the gambler participating, but if you choose the latter the game will be canceled if no other real player wants to participate. You can play flower poker on your own if you allow the gambler to participate.

You can initiate a game with a waiting time of your choosing: 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Depending on the option you choose, other players will have 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes to join in on the game. Make sure that once this timer expires, you are still in Edgeville and still have five mithril seeds in your inventory in order to play the game when it starts.

When the game starts, players will be teleported close to the gambler and automatically plant their five seeds. Each seed planted will result in a random flower (red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, assorted or rainbow coloured). There is also a 1/500 chance that a seed will result in a black flower and a 1/1000 chance that it will result in a white flower.

If someone plants a black or white flower, they will automatically win the game. If no black or white flower is planted, the player (or gambler) that planted the best combination of flowers will win the game. These combinations are as follows (high to low):

  • Five of a kind
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house (three of one type and one pair of another type)
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • One pair

In case of a tie, the participants with the highest combination will play another round of poker to determine a winner (no mithril seeds will be consumed in this next round). In case of yet another draw, this process is repeated until there is one winner left. Unlike real life casinos, the gambler in Anarchy has the exact same chance to win the game as any regular player.

The flowers are automatically planted and logging out will cause your character to keep planting flowers (albeit invisible to others). This means there is no possibility to cheat or leave the game once started.

The winner wins all of the flowers of the other participants. These flowers can be given to the florist (found very close to the gambler) in return for "flower points". You receive a random amount between 150 and 400 flower points for each white flower and you receive a random amount between 50 and 100 flower points for each black flower you give. For any other flowers, you receive 1 flower point per flower given.

As soon as you saved up 150 flower points, you can turn in these flower points for one of the following rewards:

  • A mystery box (not for ironman mode players)
  • A cosmetic mystery box (read below on their content)
  • A scroll to add 100 to your amount donated

Treasure trails

We have added actual treasure trails, just like in OSRS. However, the clue steps are completely of our own making. More clue steps will be added in future updates. There are seven different types of clues:

  • Coordinate: use a sextant, watch and chart to determine your position on the map (bought in the clue scroll handler's shop). Dig at the right location to receive your next clue.
  • Emote: perform an emote at a specific location, sometimes while wearing certain equipment, to obtain your next clue.
  • Hot & cold: Watson's strange device (bought in the clue scroll handler's shop) will guide you to the right location, indicating with ice cold/very cold/cold/warm/hot/very hot/incredibly hot/visibly shaking how close you are, along with whether your current location is closer (warmer) or further (colder) compared to the last time you used it. Dig at the right location to receive your next clue.
  • Kill: kill a specific NPC to receive your next clue.
  • Map: use the OSRS world map to find the location of your next clue. Dig at the right location or search a crate to find your next clue. We drew these maps ourself, so they are different from the maps used in OSRS treasure trails.
  • Search: search an object (crate, chest, bookcase, ...) based on a cryptic text to receive your next clue.
  • Talk: talk to a specific NPC, sometimes while wearing certain equipment, to receive your next clue.

The amount of steps for each clue level, as well as the clue rewards are the same as in OSRS, except there is a larger chance to receive rare items from clue caskets and the quantities of stackable rewards (such as noted food, runes, coins, ...) have been greatly increased. Several rare items have been added to the reward caskets, though some of them have not yet been added since this process takes a lot of time. The remaining rare rewards will be added to the caskets in future updates.

All rare items that belong in the treasure trail caskets but could previously be obtained from hourly reward boxes have been removed from the hourly reward boxes and added to treasure trail caskets. This means that - aside from angler, lumberjack, cow, santa and anti-santa outfit pieces - hourly reward boxes now only contain coins and resources. We did however add beginner, easy and medium clue scrolls as rare hourly box rewards.

You also receive a guaranteed reward after completing a number of clue scrolls (except beginner clue scrolls, as we do not yet have the "explore" emote available):

  • 500 easy trails: a large spade
  • 400 medium trails: a clueless scroll
  • 300 hard trails: the Uri transform emote
  • 200 elite trails: a heavy casket
  • 100 master trails: a scroll sack

If you lose any of the above items, you can reobtain it by completing one more clue of the appropriate level.

As you can see, we have also added beginner and elite clue scrolls with this update. See below for a list of how to obtain each clue:

  • Beginner clue scrolls: NPCs with combat level 1 - 70
  • Easy clue scrolls: NPCs with combat level 1 - 70
  • Medium clue scrolls: NPCs with combat level 71 - 110
  • Hard clue scrolls: NPCs with combat level 111 - 200; Barrows chest; Skotizo
  • Elite clue scrolls: NPCs with combat level 201+; Barrows chest

All clues can also be obtained from the crystal chest, a daily gear box or a daily skill box.

Cosmetic mystery boxes

These are similar to regular mystery boxes, but only contain cosmetic items that do not have any stats. Most of these items are chosen from holiday rewards or random event rewards in OSRS. Ironman mode players can also purchase these and obtain them from flower poker. Unlike normal mystery boxes, you have an equal chance to obtain any item from it. This can be either a single item or a complete outfit. Check out the full list on our store page, tab "mystery boxes".

Mystery box & donator store overhaul

We removed a couple of items from our mystery boxes, most notably the cosmetic items (which have moved to the cosmetic mystery boxes) and ornamental dragon equipment (which has moved to treasure trail rewards in the form of ornament kits). We have also added several new items and swapped a few items around based on their actual in-game value. This ensures that the rare items are always worth a reasonable amount of coins. Check our the "mystery boxes" list on our store page to see the new mystery box items. We made sure that the average value of a mystery box, along with the chance to obtain a twisted bow, has remained pretty much the same.

We have removed all cosmetic items from our donator store and added a couple of new items. Several items have received (small) price changes in order to better reflect their actual in-game value. Check out the new store at our store page, tab "donator shop items" for the new content and prices of our donator store.

There are also several improvements and bugfixes in this update:

  • A whole lot of doors, ladders, cave entrances and shortcuts have been added or fixed.
  • The guide prices of dozens of items (mostly the more expensive ones) have been adjusted to better reflect their actual values.
  • The icons shown on the minimap have been fixed.
  • Several new emotes have been added in the emote tab.
  • You now have to give an easy, medium, hard and elite clue scroll to Watson to receive a master clue scroll (instead of just an easy, medium and hard clue scroll).
  • Master clue scrolls no longer have any level requirements (though sometimes you need a certain agility or combat level to reach certain places or wear certain equipment).
  • If you lose any achievement-related skilling outfit (pospector, farming, pyromancer or rogue outfit), you will now reobtain it the next time you mine a rock, farm herbs, light logs or steal. Good news for Ultimate Ironman Mode players who want to save some inventory space without having to give up these items, or for players who lost their achievement skiller outfit.
  • The moderator crown is now displayed whenever a moderator yells.
  • A bug has been fixed where having a bank placeholder for a god cape makes it impossible to obtain a new god cape.
  • The appearance of the mystic hat, mystic hat (dark) and mystic hat (light) has been fixed.
  • The stand and walk animations of gnomes has been fixed.
  • A wrong kraken spawn outside the kraken cave has been fixed.
  • The droprate of the Wyvern visage has been slightly increased.
  • A small part of the map, north of the black knights' fortress, that was incorrectly labeled as wilderness is no longer a part of the wilderness.
  • Ultimate Iron Man players can now set a pin to secure their account at any bank booth.
  • You no longer have to wait three days to reset an account pin, so you can now automatically reset it.
  • Whenever the "account pin" interface is up, you cannot type anything in your chatbox. This ensures you can never accidentally type your pin in normal chat.
  • Whenever you open your bank, NPC drop or account pin interface, the input field that is a part of the interface will now automatically be focused so you can start typing in there right away without having to click the textbox first.
  • The text highlight has been fixed whenever you hover over a dialogue with multiple options. Oftentimes, the option would not be correctly highlighted even if your mouse was right on top of it, this is now fixed.
  • You can now give one clue scroll to Watson (the clue scroll handler) at a time to save up for a master clue scroll.
  • You can now obtain the wise old man's santa hat by combining a blue party hat and a santa hat.

Arclight, price changes, bugfixes

25 July 2020

  • Arclight and Darklight now have their appropriate special attack, which lowers the strength, attack and defence levels of your opponent by 5% (10% against demons).
  • Darklight now has 50% bonus accuracy and damage against demons.
  • Arclight will now revert to Darklight when all its charges are consumed. In the past, Arclight would simply be unequipped when all charged were consumed, but then players would equip it again and attack demons without any charges, leading to very low hits. This update should clear up this issue.
  • When uncharging Arclight, you will now receive all ancient shards back.
  • When hitting Skotizo's awakened altars with Arclight, you will now see the appropriate hitsplat.
  • A bug has been fixed where items from your looting bag might disappear (without them being added to your bank) when you use the "bank all" option on your looting bag if you were searching for items in your bank at the same time.
  • Spiders have been added as slayer tasks for both Turael as Krystilia.
  • The guide price of the following items have been increased to represent their actual value:
    • Elysian, Arcane and Spectral spirit shield
    • Elysian, Arcane and Spectral sigil
    • Spirit shield
    • Blessed spirit shield
    • Holy elixir
    • Nightmare staff
    • Volatile, Harmonised and Eldritch nightmare staff
    • Volatile, Harmonised and Eldritch orb
  • Dark crab drops are now noted.
  • The announcements for reaching level 99 in a skill and for maxing out in all skills, now also show the visible rank of the player.
  • Ironman mode players can now purchase items from the Cosmetic Supplies (Thessalia). This also means they can now complete the Varrock medium diary entry for Thessalia's clothes shop.
  • Spiked manacles have been added as a very rare medium clue casket reward.
  • Players are now able to combine a Highwayman mask and a black cavalier into a cavalier mask. You can also revert this and retrieve both items back.
  • Players are now able to revert the partyhat & specs into a blue partyhat and spectacles.
  • The rates at which you receive items from clue caskets have been changed. The reward lists are also now more like in OSRS.

Staff of light, anti-bot random event

6 July 2020

  • The staff of light has been added, along with Saradomin's light to create it (dropped by Commander Zilyana).
  • The combat interface of staffs with a special attack (such as the Toxic staff of the Dead) has been fixed.
  • The guide price of the Saradomin's tear and Saradomin's blessed sword have been increased to represent their actual value.
  • Knights of Saradomin and Saradominist Spiritual warriors now count as Saradomin followers in the God Wars Dungeon, so they will now count towards the Saradomin killcount and will no longer be aggressive when you wear the right god equipment.
  • You can now dismantle an uncharged serpentine helm in return for 20,000 Zulrah's scales.
  • In order to stop the increased amount of botting recently, you can no longer freely teleport out of the cat lady random event. As of now, you have to click the cat again to get out. However, we added a safeguard so you can teleport away if there is no cat in the room due to a bug (this bug was reported to us in the past).
  • The maximum hit on the max hit dummy with a god spell when using charge has been fixed. The max hit with charge always worked correctly on other players and NPC's, just not on the max hit dummy.
  • You can now autocast magic dart with a staff of the dead, toxic staff of the dead and staff of light.

Imbued god capes

21 June 2020

It's been some time since our last update due to our busy schedules, but we're happy to finally release imbued god capes!

Imbued god capes

The capes have the same stats and bonuses as in OSRS. They are also obtained in the same way. To start, you need a magic level of 75 and be able to cast Saradomin strike, Claws of Guthix and Flames of Zamorak.

Once you meet these requirements, talk to Kolodion in the mage bank and tell him you want to imbue your god cape. He will then give you an enchanted symbol, which will guide you to the three bosses: Justiciar Zachariah, Derwen and Porazdir. Bring the remains of all three bosses to Kolodion in order to imbue any of your god capes. To imbue a second and third god cape, bring the remains of the appropriate boss to Kolodion. For further information on the miniquest, please check the OSRS wiki on the subject (link).

The bosses have the same mechanics as in OSRS, with one exception: the special attack of Justiciar Zachariah will not pull you into melee distance, but instead stun you for 3 seconds. His max hits are also the same as the other bosses, 43 for magic and 16 for melee.

The capes cannot be traded, but you will always keep them on death.

In other news:

  • The chance to get vials of blood from the Theatre of Blood has been greatly increased.
  • Krakens now drop noted Grimy snapdragon.
  • The Bandos Godsword special attack now consumes 50% special attack energy instead of 65%.
  • You can now use the "Guzzle" option on a dwarven rock cake, which will reduce your HP to 1.
  • Ranger gloves are now valued at 500,000 coins.
  • Karil's coif now has the correct magic and ranged attack bonuses.

For older updates, visit our news archive.