Bonus XP weekend - Soon

+20% bonus XP, stacks with vote and donator bonuses

Friday 11 October 9 a.m. - Monday 14 October 9 a.m. (UTC)

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    Friday 5 April 9 a.m. - Monday 8 April 9 a.m. (UTC)

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      10 October 2019

      In today's updates:

      • You can no longer cast Lunar spells on players that are inside the duel arena.
      • Superior slayer monsters have been fixed, several slayer monsters now have a 1/200 chance to spawn a superior version when killed. Keep in mind that you need to unlock the superior tasks in the slayer interface first.
      • The dragon thrownaxe special attack has been fixed, it no longer deals an excessive amount of damage and will allow you to perform your next attack on the next game tick.
      • Weapon attack speeds have been fixed, as in all weapons should now have their proper attack speeds.
      • A bug has been fixed where depositing noted items into a looting bag did not always work properly.
      • A bug in the Chambers of Xeric has been fixed that would cause severe lag upon entering.
      • The text about the crystal seed entry in the western diary has been fixed, as you had to take a crystal bow to the old man in Edgeville instead to complete it.

      Dragon sword special, consecutive slayer tasks

      9 October 2019

      The dragon sword special attack has been fixed, whoever coded it before had accidentally given it a 2.5x (+150%) damage and accuracy instead of 1.25x (+25%) damage and accuracy. It will also no longer disable your opponent's overhead prayers but hit through the protect from melee prayer instead, so now it should be just like in OSRS.

      As such, whoever had died due to being killed through use of the dragon sword by another player, please post on this topic or send a Discord PM to Pikachu about which items you had lost, then we'll make sure they are confiscated from whomever abused the bug and return them to you. Our sincerest apologies for this.

      Other updates:

      • Voting has been fixed, you will now properly receive vote points again after voting on a toplist. A bug was accidentally introduced when we added a measure to prevent excessive multivoting.
      • Completing a slayer task will now grant the same amount of slayer points as on OSRS (meaning you'll now get fewer slayer points for individual tasks and none from Turael).
      • Every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1,000th task, a player will now receive bonus slayer points, instead of receiving a bonus only on the 10th, 30th, 50th, 70th, 100th and 150th. The bonuses per slayer master can be found on the OSRS wiki.
      • A bug has been fixed where killing Sulphur Lizards would not count toward completion of a slayer task.

      Karuulm slayer dungeon

      5 October 2019

      Today, we have added the Karuulm slayer dungeon to the game. The Alchemical Hydra is not yet included, but we do have all the other NPC's that reside in the dungeon. You can reach the dungeon through the Monsters teleport in your spellbook and choosing "Karuulm Dungeon". Unlike OSRS, you do not need special footwear inside the dungeon. You can also use a dwarf multicannon everywhere inside to rack up easy kills.

      Hydras have pretty much the same combat mechanics as in OSRS, switching their attack style every 3 attacks and spitting a poison attack once after about 30 seconds. You can avoid the poison by moving away, but unlike OSRS you will not keep getting poisoned if you stay in the poison pool. Their most notable drops are Hydra's eye, fang and heart which can be combined into the brimstone ring. You are always guaranteed to get a piece that you do not yet have, so if you have an eye and fang, you are guaranteed to get a heart the next time. They do not yet drop the Hydra tail because it can only be used with the dragonbone necklace, an item that is dropped exclusively by Vorkath. We'll be sure to add the Hydra tail as a drop in one of the next updates, when we release Vorkath.

      Drakes have the exact same mechanics as in OSRS, attacking with melee and ranged along with an avoidable dragon breath attack that they use once every 7 attacks. Their most notable drops are Drake's claw and Drake's tooth. The claw can be combined with boots of stone to create boots of brimstone, the tooth can be combined with holy sandals to create devout boots. The boots of stone can be purchased in the slayer store for 200 slayer points each.

      Wyrms drop the dragon harpoon and dragon sword. The dragon harpoon can be worn in the weapons slot and used as a harpoon for fishing. It can also be combined with a smouldering stone to make an infernal harpoon. The infernal harpoon has infinite uses and has a 30% - 90% chance to cook fish when fishing, depending on your donator rank.

      All three of the above mentioned monsters (Hydras, Drakes and Wyrms) also drop dragon knives and dragon thrownaxes. On top of that, the droprates of the rare drops of all three monsters are quadrupled if you kill them while on a slayer assignment. All three monsters are assigned by Duradel.

      There are also Greater Demons and Fire Giants in the dungeon, as well as Sulphur Lizards that drop mostly supplies.

      Other small changes:

      • Ironman mode players can now purchase Ava's accumulator, Dwarf multicannon and snakeskin boots in the ranged store.
      • The toxic staff of the dead now has +25 magic attack bonus when charged instead of +17.
      • Seers ring (i) now has +12 magic attack and defence bonus instead of +8.
      • Lava dragons are now only assigned by Krystilia (the wilderness slayer master in Edgeville's jail).
      • The max hit of Rock Crabs has been lowered to 1 (used to be 5).
      • The max hit of Greater Demons has been lowered to 10 (used to be 16).
      • The chance to obtain a Lumberjack piece when cutting logs has been increased.
      • The dragon sword has been removed from the raids rewards chest, so there is now a slightly higher chance to obtain any of the other rewards when looting the chest.
      • The Avernic defender is now untradeable, as it was made tradeable by accident. The hilt remains tradeable.

      Boss room only raids, bugfixes

      17 September 2019

      Today, we have added the possibility for legendary donators to play a shortened version of Raids I (Chambers of Xeric), where they only need to kill the Great Olm rather than having to do an entire raid. Note that only one person in the party needs to have the legendary donator status to make use of this feature.

      Other updates:

      • Halberds and the Scythe of Vitur now train the correct combat skills.
      • A bug with chinchompas has been fixed where quickly switching to them in between attacks would cause chin explosions without actually using them.
      • A bug has been fixed where adamant knives required a hitpoints level of 30 to wear instead of a ranged level of 30.
      • You can now properly use rigour and augury with quick prayers, both of them accidentally required preserve to be unlocked rather than rigour or augury.
      • Magic fangs can now be dismantled into 20,000 Zulrah scales.
      • Cerberus now counts towards completion of hellhound tasks.
      • Brutal black dragons now count toward completion of black dragon tasks.
      • Glod and Ice Queen their attacks have been slightly nerfed. A bug has also been fixed that would cause players to not always receive rewards when they are killed.
      • You will no longer lose traps or hunter rewards when trying to pick up a trap with a full inventory.

      Ignore list, 50 donator point scroll

      13 September 2019

      As of today's update, the ignore list now properly blocks all messages in both yell and public chat, which didn't work before. We have also added a 50 donator point scroll to the donator store, allowing players to obtain a super donator rank by donating for the 250 points package, purchasing two 100 point scrolls and one 50 point scroll and using it on their own account.

      Some bugfixes and improvements

      12 September 2019

      A couple of bugfixes and improvements today:

      • A bug is fixed where players would appear as not being properly moved to a new location after teleporting or being teleported. This happened on rare occasions with random events, amulet of glory, Pest Control games, obelisks and other teleports.
      • Zulrah will no longer stay stuck in its ranged form.
      • Tanzanite fangs can now be dismantled into 20,000 Zulrah scales.
      • NPCs can no longer attack players through walls with melee.
      • Hourly reward boxes can now be noted.
      • Marks of grace can no longer be quickly and infinitely spawned by clicking certain objects during rooftop agility courses.
      • Hovering your mouse over the Morytania diary lady will no longer crash your client.


      31 August 2019

      A couple of bugfixes and additions today:

      • The supplies store now sells Karambwans, Sharks, Super restores and Saradomin brews. Irons cannot purchase these.
      • Ancestral hat, robe top and robe bottom now offer +2% damage bonus per piece.
      • Selling 2M or more platinum tokens can no longer result in losing the tokens without receiving coins in return.
      • Drinking antipoison will now properly remove poison status.
      • Players are no longer able to note items in the resource area over a large distance.

      Theatre of Blood, bugfixes

      27 August 2019

      A long awaited update on Anarchy has finally been released: The Theatre of Blood!

      For now, our Theatre of Blood only has one room: the final boss room. At a later point, we may decide to add the other rooms, but first we'll focus our attention on Vorkath, donator zone improvements, hydras and the Alchemical hydra. If and when we add the other ToB rooms, the "boss room only" mode will remain a feature but only for higher tier donators.

      The Theatre of Blood end boss, Verzik Vitur, works in a similar way as OSRS but with some notable differences.

      In the first stage, she will launch magic balls from her throne, which can be avoided by either running 3+ squares away or by hiding behind one of the pillars. Protect from magic helps to reduce the damage. Unlike OSRS, the pillars will not collapse when hit by her attacks. You don't need any special item to damage her in this stage, so any weapons will do to reduce her health.

      After the first stage is over, all pillars will collapse and Verzik Vitur will fly to the middle of the room where she will launch bombs at the locations of the players which can be avoided by walking 1 square away. Protect from missiles helps reduce damage from this attack. She will attack with magic balls, the damage of which can only be reduced through protect from magic. Standing close to her will cause her to use melee attacks that can hit everyone in the room.
      She can summon Nylocas, which will walk toward players and explode, dealing damage based on how close you are standing to her (you are safe when you are 5+ squares away). They will explode after a set amount of time, so it's recommended to run away from them and/or use freeze spells against them.
      Once Verzik Vitur reaches 35% health, she can also summon Nylocas Matomenos. These do not attack, but will die off and heal her for their remaining hitpoints after a set amount of time.

      Once the second stage is over, she will land on the floor and use melee, ranged and magic attacks, none of which can be avoided by walking away. Using the appropriate protection prayers at the correct time will help against this form.

      After killing the third form, you will have completed the raid and can proceed to the treasure room to loot the treasure! Similar to the Chambers of Xeric, each 3,000 raid points gives 1% chance on a unique item from the chest. Use the teleport crystal to teleport out.

      The notable Theatre of Blood rewards are as follows:

      • Ghrazi rapier, a strong stab weapon.
      • Justiciar faceguard, chestguard and legguards, armour with high melee and ranged defence bonuses. Wearing the full set does not currently offer any bonuses.
      • Avernic defender hilt, which can be combined with a dragon defender to create the Avernic defender. This process can be reversed and you will receive both the defender and the hilt back.
      • The Sanguinesti staff, which needs to be charged using blood runes (3 runes for 1 charge up to 20,000 charges). Similar to the trident of the seas, it has a built in spell. The spell hits slightly higher than the trident of the swamp and has a 1 in 6 chance to heal for 50% of the damage dealt. The staff cannot be used in PvP.
      • The scythe of Vitur, which will hit three times when used against big monsters (for up to 100%, 50% and 25% of your max hit). The scythe can be charged with blood runes and vials of blood (obtained from the Theatre of Blood rewards chest) to grant much better bonuses, requiring 1 vial and 300 blood runes for 100 charges. Unlike its OSRS version, it cannot hit multiple targets.

      Also some important changes in today's update:

      • Demonic gorillas now have their proper overhead prayers.
      • You can now spend mage arena points at the mage bank.
      • You can now use freeze spells to freeze NPCs in place.
      • Ahrim's staff is now a one-handed weapon.
      • The Dragonfire shield now has 50 lower melee and ranged defence, its defense stats go up as the shield is charged with dragonfire, up to 50.

      Other bugfixes:

      • A bug has been fixed where darts had the wrong ranged strength. They would also offer the wrong ranged attack and strength bonus when used in a toxic blowpipe.
      • A bug has been fixed where logging out and back in while inside a Raid might result in being on the wrong height or inside a wall.
      • The necklace of anguish now offers +5 ranged strength bonus.
      • The tormenced bracelet now offers +5% magic attack bonus.
      • A bug has been fixed where the occult necklace would not always offer 10% magic attack bonus.
      • A bug has been fixed where the trident of the seas/swamp would offer a magic attack bonus. which shouldn't be the case.
      • The max hit dummy at the donator zone should now always display your actual max hit, which wasn't always correctly shown before.
      • A bug has been fixed where the NPC droptable would not work when searching on an item name instead of an NPC name.
      • The corporeal beast is now immune to both poison and venom.
      • A bug has been fixed where poison would only be applied once every minute instead of once every 18 seconds.
      • Drinking any strength of antipoison potion will now remove venom and turn it into regular poison. Drinking antipoison a second time will completely remove it.
      • A bug has been fixed where anti-venom potions did not provide poison immunity. Several antipoison and anti-venom potions also had the wrong timers.
      • You can now create anti-venom and anti-venom+ potions by combining antidote++(4) with Zulrah's scales and an anti-venom(4) with torstol respectively. The creation of these potions did in theory work before, but you could only use antidote++(3) and anti-venom(3) as base instead of (4).
      • Any clues or crystal keys dropped by TzTok-Jad are now dropped outside the fight caves.
      • A bug has been fixed where TzTok-Jad may not always spawn correctly.
      • Yell messages are now shown in a green color.
      • A bug has been fixed where having a skillcape in your inventory and also having one equipped while dying would result in your character bugging out and getting stuck at 0 hitpoints.
      • Redwood (in woodcutting and firemaking), dragon dart (in fletching and ranged), dark crabs (in fishing and cooking), missing prayers and anti-venom potions were added to the skill interfaces.
      • A bug with the Grand Exchange interface has been fixed where more items would be shown than you could actually collect, if you had already collected some items before form your offer. This was purely a visual bug.

      Mystery box and Raids improvements

      22 August 2019

      First off, we have revamped our mystery boxes to grant 10% chance on a rare item, 30% chance on coins and 60% chance on a more common item. Please check our store page (Mystery box tab) for detailed information. The overall value of the mystery box has not changed by much (it has slightly increased), but now a mystery box only has a 30% chance at coins instead of 67%.

      In the next few hours, anyone who had donated for our 39.5 euros package or more will receive 1 extra mystery box per 39.5 euros they donated , to compensate for the fact that the mystery box is now worth a little bit more than before.

      A few extra items have been added to the mystery box as well:

      • Twisted bow
      • Twisted buckler
      • Ancestral hat
      • Ancestral robe top
      • Ancestral robe bottom
      • Dragon warhammer
      • Magic fang
      • Serpentine visage
      • Tanzanite mutagen
      • Spectral spirit shield
      • Arcane spirit shield
      • Bandos godsword
      • Zamorak godsword
      • Saradomin godsword

      The whip has also been removed from the mystery box due to its value being too low. We have also lowered the value of the whip in the donator store to 20 donator points.

      Next up, a few improvements to raids:
      Dinh's bulwark has been added as a unique raid reward! Please note that it does not yet have a special attack, but it does have its proper stats and requirements to wear.

      As of now, players no longer need to be the clan leader to start a raid, anyone in a clan can now start one. When a player leaves or disconnects, the raid simply continues for all other players, a raid instance will only be removed if no more players are present at all. You can now also resume a raid if you log out and back in, provided you are not going solo.

      Other updates:

      • A bug has been fixed where revenant items could be charged with ether without the ether being removed from your inventory.
      • Upon dying, you will no longer lose charges on items that you keep (for example scales and darts in a toxic blowpipe).
      • Untradable items lost on death (that are not automatically kept on death) will now appear for the person who lost them, rather than being lost altogether.
      • Several items, such as Zulrah's items, raid items and spirit shields now have a proper alch and protect on death value.
      • Tormented bracelet requirements have been added.
      • A bug has been fixed that made the Great Olm look twitchy.
      • A bug has been fixed where not all character appearances could be used (certain hairstyles, clothing, ...).
      • Anglerfish has been added to the skill interfaces. The fishing instrument in the skill interface for sea turtle and manta ray has been corrected.
      • Pest Control portals will no longer look glitchy when being attacked.


      18 August 2019

      • A bug has been fixed where Zulrah would stay in her melee form forever.
      • The abyssal dagger special attack has received a small accuracy buff.
      • 3rd age druidic equipment has been added to master treasure trails.
      • Master treasure trails now have more rolls and a higher chance at getting a rare item.
      • You can now use dragon arrows with a 3rd age bow.
      • You can now properly teleport out of the Dagannoth Mother cave when stuck there.
      • After dying, your special attack bar will now correctly be shown as refilled.
      • A bug has been fixed where the last piece of Graceful equipment you wear will not grant any bonus agility XP.
      • The bearhead no longer looks glitchy.

      Custom hotkeys, rune dragons, bugfixes

      15 August 2019

      Custom hotkeys have been added!

      You can access this interface by clicking the "Keybindings" (F1) button on your wrench tab. Then click on the text next to an icon to change its keybinding and press another key to change the keybinding to that key.

      A list of all keys you can use for keybinding:

      • F1 - F12
      • Esc
      • Page Up
      • Page Down
      • Home
      • End
      • Pause
      • Insert

      The interface also has the option 'Esc closes current interface', which is disabled by default. With this option enabled, you can press Esc to close top-level interfaces such as your bank. This option will also clear any text you have typed.

      Adamant and rune dragons have been added to the game, you can teleport them by choosing the 'Adamant and Rune dragons' option in the Monsters teleport. They drop dragon limbs and unfinished dragon bolts. They do not have the special attacks as in OSRS yet, for now they just have melee, magic, ranged and dragonfire attacks, just like mithril dragons.

      The max cape price for non-donators has also been lowered to 50M. Anyone who paid 200M for the max cape can request a refund of 150M coins either in this topic or in a new topic in the refund forum.


      • Ironman players can now purchase all items from the general store.
      • Gem rocks have been added in the crafting guild, counting towards the Falador achievement diary.
      • The monkfish fishing spot in Falador park has been replaced by manta rays, you can now complete this task in the Falador achievement diary.
      • A bug has been fixed where the protect from melee prayer would not reduce the damage from a dragon claws special attack.
      • Dragon claws, dragon pickaxe and 3rd age equipment now have their proper level requirements to wear.
      • The Thammaron's Sceptre now has the correct combat interface and you can now autocast spells with it.
      • The Mithril dragons are now found in the correct spots in the Ancient Cavern.
      • Brutal green dragons and other npcs have been added to the Ancient Cavern, including their drops.
      • All other brutal dragons now have drops as well.
      • The ring of wealth now alchs for 45K coins instead of 450K.
      • Ironman players can now buy a ring of wealth(i) in the donator store for 70 donator points.
      • Ultimate Ironman players who have a donator rank can now use yell.
      • A bug has been fixed where players were able to add more than 350 items to a bank tab by dragging an item from another tab to it. The extra items would be lost when relogging.
      • Bronze, iron, steel, blurite, mithril and adamant crossbows now have their proper ranged attack bonuses.
      • You can now properly block the mage and special attacks of Venenatis with the protect from magic prayer.
      • You can now toggle ether absorption on the bracelet of ethereum.
      • You can now operate the bracelet of ethereum to check how many charges you have remaining.
      • Players will no longer lose the contents of their looting bag when dying in Raids.
      • You will no longer see clan chat messages of players on your ignore list.
      • You can now recolour an imbued slayer helmet to a purple imbued slayer helmet.
      • A bug has been fixed that allowed players to spawn a large amount of marks of grace on the Varrock rooftop agility course. Those who abused this bug will have their marks and graceful equipment confiscated.
      • When killing the Great Olm, the chance on a unique item drop is now properly displayed (it would incorrectly display 1% per 5,000 points instead of 1% per 3,000 points).
      • Players will now instantly log out after clicking the logout button, rather than being delayed for a few seconds.
      • All drop rates on draconic visages have been halved.
      • Requirements for obsidian equipment have been added.

      Slayer task and blood money store bugfixes

      3 August 2019

      • Players are now able to receive Corporeal Beast as a boss slayer task and Lava dragon as a hard slayer task, which they could never do before due to a bug in the code.
      • Ironman can now sell items to the blood money store.

      Better voting rewards, a couple of bugfixes

      2 August 2019

      In today's update:

      • Voting now gives +20% XP and +20% NPC drops for a few minutes, 12 seconds per vote point you receive to be precise.
      • Players can now purchase skillcapes in the skillcape store again.
      • Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial boots now have the proper requirements to wear.
      • Serpentine, Magma and Tanzanite helm now have the proper requirements to wear.
      • Blessed dragonhide pieces now have the correct requirements to wear.
      • Blessed dragonhide body no longer shows your arms through.
      • Upon entering the revenant caves, you now receive a message about the benefits of being skulled inside the caves.

      Welcome to Anarchy

      1 August 2019

      Released on 1 August 2019, Anarchy sets itself aside from most other RSPS by being run by professional developers who have several years of RSPS and programming experience. We are dedicated to bring the best content to our community. We take feedback from our players to continue improving the server to match our players' needs and expectations.

      Our server is an economy, PvM and PvP server based on a modified 317 source with up-to-date OSRS content. We make sure to regularly update the source so we can add the latest features OSRS has to offer.

      Anarchy is a continuation of Lawless, with the same accounts, both in-game and on the forums. So if you had a Lawless account, simply use the same username and password to continue where you left off! And yes, botting is still allowed ;)