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    • +20% XP weekend
    • 2 Jul 2021 - 5 Jul 2021
    • Double Raid I points
    • 16 Jul 2021 - 19 Jul 2021
    • Double Pest Control points
    • 30 Jul 2021 - 2 Aug 2021
    • Double pet droprates
    • 13 Aug 2021 - 16 Aug 2021
    • +30% wilderness NPC droprates
    • 27 Aug 2021 - 30 Aug 2021

News & Updates

Looting bag, game improvements

18 June 2021

The looting bag has received several improvements:

  • The looting bag can now be opened or closed. When open, any tradeable items you pick up while inside the wilderness will be automatically added to your looting bag.
  • While having your bank open, you can now click your looting bag to view its contents and deposit items from the bag into your bank.
  • When using an item on the looting bag, you can now choose between "One", "Five", "All" or "X" items. This popup does not trigger when you only have one of that item in your inventory.
  • You can now use noted items on your looting bag to deposit them into the bag.
  • When an Ultimate Ironman uses the "Bank all" option of the looting bag, they will now receive a warning that they cannot retrieve any banked items as long as they are an Ulrimate Ironman. If at any point they revert their status to a regular account, they can access any previously deposited items in the bank.
  • When depositing your looting bag into your bank, items will automatically be placed into the first tab with free space when the currently selected tab is full.

In other news:

  • The contents and drop rates of the wildy pursuit crate have been improved. You can check the exact items with their respective chances on our wiki.
  • The OSRS mode has been renamed to Extreme mode.
  • Bob Barter in Edgeville can now decant overloads.
  • From now on, players will be able to disassemble variants of the max cape. In return, they will receive the max cape back as well as the item used to create the variant. Players can also revert their max hood variant into a regular max hood.
  • You can now metamorph a pet dark core into a pet corporeal critter.
  • The ::teleto command for helpers has been fixed.
  • Mithril, adamant and runite bolts (unf) are no longer called "dart tips" in the smithing interface.
  • When looting impling jars (other than lucky implings jars), there is now a chance to obtain a clue scroll (or lesser reward casket). The chances are the same as in OSRS.
  • The chances to obtain a medium, hard or elite clue scroll (or lesser reward casket) from lucky implings have been increased, while the chances to obtain a beginner or easy clue scroll (or lesser reward casket) have been lowered. You now have 40% chance to obtain a medium clue scroll and 15% for each other level clue scroll.


1 June 2021

We are happy to announce our brand new wiki at which we have been working hard to set up in the past weeks.


Several pages have already been added and we have done our best to copy (and improve) the contents of the existing forum guides. At the same time, we have also disabled the forums, considering they were barely used at all. As of now, Discord will be the only means of communication, while the wiki will be the place to go for guides and information about the game.

The forums are currently still accessible at for archive purposes, but we have removed all direct links on the website.

Pages on the wiki can only be edited by people with the Wiki editor role in Discord. To apply this role, please send a direct message to Pikachu#6645 on Discord.

Please note that the wiki is not entirely set up yet, as this new role still needs to be properly integrated into the wiki.


9 May 2021

  • Leaving a Group Ironman group will now properly remove you from the group after 72 hours.
  • Ironman players are now able to buy soft clay from the Magic Supplies store.
  • The looks of the skeletal helm have been fixed.

Bugfixes and improvements

14 April 2021

  • The consumable store now sells noted 4-dose potions instead of unnoted 3-dose potions.
  • The prices of ranger boots and robin hood hat have been changed to better reflect their actual values.
  • If you have an account pin, you cannot see other players or NPC's until you have entered the pin. Likewise, you will be invisible to other players until you have entered your pin. This is to prevent scouting in the wilderness without other players being able to attack you.
  • IP-mutes have been fixed, so players can now be muted across all their accounts, not just on one account.
  • The prices and alch values of 1-, 2- and 3-dose versions of several potions have been altered to be proportional to the price of the 4-dose version, which was often not the case.
  • The prices (and alch values) of monkfish and swordfish have been slightly increased, as both were cheaper than lobster while healing more.
  • The prices of the noted versions of some items have been fixed so the value of an unnoted is now always the same as their unnoted version.
  • As of now, you need soft clay to create bones to peaches or bones to bananas tablets. These can be bought in the magic store for 300 coins each.
  • A bug has been fixed where if you sell a large number of expensive items to the store with a total value of over 2147M (for example 2500 items worth 1 million coins each), you would not receive any coins. You will now receive the appropriate number of coins and additionally a number of platinum tokens if needed.

Group Ironman released

10 April 2021

We are happy to announce the release of our new game mode, Group Ironman.

Group Ironman

Like regular Ironman mode, Group Ironman (or GIM) players cannot trade, stake or scavenge items from other players. After choosing Group Ironman as your game mode in the starter screen, you will enter a lobby with other Group Ironman mode players. You can then invite them to enter your group.

A group can consist of up to five players. Depending on your group size, you will be ranked in a different bracket on the HiScores. If someone leaves your group, you will remain in the same bracket on the HiScores to prevent unfair competition.

While inside the lobby, you can right-click another player to invite them to your group. Whoever sent the invite will become the group leader. Only the group leader can invite other players into the group. The group leader can re-enter the lobby at any time later on to invite additional group members.

To kick a member from your group, click on their name in your quest tab. At least 50% of the group members must vote to kick someone before they are kicked. You can leave your group at any time by clicking on your own name in the quest tab, but you will need to wait 72 hours before you actually leave, similar as when you revert your account to regular mode at the Ironman Handler. If you leave a group (or have been kicked), you will become the leader of your own group and will need to recruit new members in the lobby.

Within a group, you can freely trade and pick up items dropped by other group members. Additionally, your group will receive drops from NPC's as long as your group dealt at least 75% of the damage to that NPC.

There are plans to introduce a shared chest in which group members can freely deposit items to be used by the entire group, but we have not done so yet due to its complexity and the time needed to add this feature.

This update also includes a few bugfixes:

  • A bug has been fixed where the max hit of Vesta's longsword and Statius's warhammer against players was too high and the Vesta's longsword special attack would ignore protection prayers.
  • Staff rank, game mode and donator rank icons are now all displayed next to everyone's name.
  • From now on you can use ::tp to teleport to the wildy pursuit monster, although ::telepursuit still works as well.
  • Some objects incorrectly had the infernal cape texture. This has now been fixed.
  • The ranged, farming and hunter skills now have a proper level up interface.

For older updates, visit our news archive.